What is on WSOC-TV tonight?

What is on WSOC-TV tonight?

Live TV schedule for WSOC HDTV in the Charlotte Area

5:30 PM Eyewitness News at 5:30 new Local news, sports and weather.
7:30 PM ET Entertainment Tonight new
8:00 PM NFL Super Wild Card Kickoff
8:15 PM NFL Playoff: Wild-Card Game VI A Wild-Card game.
11:15 PM WSOC Tonight

Why did Beth Troutman leave Charlotte today?

She made the decision to return to her hometown so that she could care for her mother who was battling ovarian cancer. She left WCNC in early 2017 for charitable volunteer work.

Why is WSOC-TV off the air?

On December 21, 2010, a distraught 51-year-old woman armed with a gun entered the WSOC-TV studios, forcing the station to temporarily go off the air just after the start of that evening’s 5 p.m. newscast.

What channel is NBC in Charlotte?


Charlotte, North Carolina United States
Channels Digital: 24 (UHF) Virtual: 36
Branding WCNC Charlotte; WCNC Charlotte News
Affiliations 36.1: NBC 36.2: True Crime Network 36.3: Court TV 36.4: Quest 36.5: Twist 64.4: Laff

What channel is Wsoc on Antenna TV?

Stations for Charlotte, North Carolina

Display Channel Digital Channel Network
06-2 26.3
09-01 19.1 ABC
09-02 19.2 Telemundo

What is the phone number for WSOC-TV?

Scroll over WSOC-TV/TV64, click on About Us and then click Job Opportunities. You can also click here to view the employment positions. How do I obtain a weather closing code? To obtain a weather closing code, please click here or call (704) 335-4751.