What is CL2 cable rating?

What is CL2 cable rating?

CL2: This is a cable jacket fire resistance rating defined in Article 725 of the National Electric Code. It stands for “Class 2 Remote-Control, Signaling, and Power-Limited Circuits” cable, which indicates that the cable is suitable for in-wall installation and use for certain low-voltage applications.

What does CM CL2 mean?

Common Jacket Ratings

Rating Usage
CMP All in-wall, plenum and riser applications.
CMR, CL3R, CL2R All in-wall and riser applications; not permitted in plenums.
CM, CMG, CL2 In-wall rated; permitted in 1-2 family residential riser applications, or in riser with raceway/fireproof shaft; not permitted in plenums.

Is CL3P plenum rated?

Carol® E3004S Type CMP/CL3P/FPLP Plenum Rated Unshielded Multi-Conductor Plenum Cable, 300 VAC, (4) 22 AWG Conductor.

How are cables rated?

Cable ratings determine the parameters within which a cable can be safely used. The most typical cable ratings are temperature, voltage and current. Cables installed in the ground at a higher than normal ambient temperature will have a lower current rating.

What is CMR CL3R?

CL3R/CMR – Shielded Conductors. PVC Insulation & Jacket. 300 Volt. 20 AWG & 18 AWG. Construction.

How do I know if my cable is outdoor rated?

Outdoor-rated cables go through additional testing such as a cold-bend test where the cable will be kept at a temperature such as -20C for 4 hours while bent in a pre-determined radius. If the cable does not crack it passes.

What is CL2 vs CL3?

The main difference between the two is the wattage that a CL3 rated cable can carry. While CL2 cables can carry a surge of up to 150 watts, and CL3 can carry twice that at 300 watts. A CL3 rated cable can take the place of any CL3, however, a CL2 cannot take the place of a CL3.

What does Fplp cable stand for?

Fire Power Limited Plenum
FPLP (Fire Power Limited Plenum) Plenum Fire Alarm Cable is used in horizontal overhead installations such as, duct work or other space that is used for the flow of environmental air. FPLP- Shielded includes an aluminum polyester foil shield and drain wire to block additional interference within the cable.

What does 0.6 1kv cable mean?

0.6 / 1 kV indicates that it is a 1000-volt cable.