What is a Toyota 2H engine?

What is a Toyota 2H engine?

2H. The 2H is a 4.0 L (3,980 cc) inline 6, 12 valve OHV indirect injection diesel engine. Bore is 91 mm and stroke is 102 mm, with a compression ratio of 20.7:1. Output is 105 PS (77 kW) at 3,500 rpm – later production years 107 hp (80 kW) with 177 lb·ft (240 N·m) of torque at 2,000 rpm.

Are 2H engines good?

markthemenace. The engine is very reliable. Mine has only 286,000 on it, but its taken me lots of places with no issues.

How reliable is a 2H motor?

The 2H engine was reliable and kept up with regular traffic but would fall behind on steeper hills. Fifth gear in the manuals is notoriously weak, especially if the car has been used for towing, and finally engine and gearbox problems which are extremely expensive to repair.

What kind of engine rebuild kit does Toyota Landcruiser hj60 have?

Toyota Landcruiser Hj60 HJ75 2H Custom High Performance Engine Rebuild kit that we have tried and tested on many of our customers cars as seen on our Facebook page and many of the Toyota Landcruiser Facebook pages. The Custom Hi Performance Engine Rebuild kit contains the following items:

What is included in the custom hi performance engine rebuild kit?

The Custom Hi Performance Engine Rebuild kit contains the following items: Ceramic Coated Pistons with Teflon Skirts & Rings (Standard and Oversize if required) We also have a performance camshaft to suit just hit 2H in our search bar up top.

How much does it cost to rebuild a Toyota Landcruiser engine?

Toyota Landcruiser 2H engine recondition kit. Suits HJ47, HJ75, HJ60. Price is for supply of complete rebuild kit, made up as follows: Reconditioned cylinder head – $1,950, (including head gasket) Re-bored block – $1,100 Machined or linished crank – $660 Complete rebuild kit, (Japanese) – $1290

Can I fit a turbo to a 2h engine?

As for fitting a turbo, you may wish to consider going to 12H-T pistons, which give lower compression. There are several threads in this section about fitting a turbo to a 2H and lots of good info.