What is a good lure for flathead?

What is a good lure for flathead?

Alright, let’s get rigged and into a few flat fish!

  • ZMan 3″ MinnowZ. The number one flathead plastic for me would have to be the ZMan 3″ MinnowZ, the perfect baitfish.
  • ZMan 2.5″ Slim SwimZ.
  • ZMan 4″ Scented Jerk ShadZ.
  • ZMan 4″ StreakZ Curly TailZ.
  • ZMan 2.5″ TRD CrawZ.

How do you rig a lure for flathead?

The slow roll – Cast your plastic or lure and wait a few seconds for it to hit the bottom, then simply do a slow continuous retrieve of your reel knows as the slow roll. This is great with curl tails, and paddle tail plastics as the natural action of the lure a foot or two above the bottom is dynamite for flathead.

What is the best time to catch flathead?

The best time to get yourself a nice Flathead is during the day, two – three days lead up to the full moon and the following two- three days after. The preferred tide time would be high tide 7-9Am and fish the run out from the top of the tide down. The fish will be most active two hours after the top of the tide.

Do you use a sinker with lures?

Not always, but they are generally required for bait fishing. The type of sinker you choose, its weight, shape, and manner in which it’s rigged and used can make or break a day of fishing. In the most basic sense, a sinker is simply a chunk of metal used to take baits and lures to depths where fish are found.

Are Circle Hooks good for flathead?

Circle hooks have been shown to increase the survival of angler released fish. With their success already proven for many game fish species, these hooks are now used increasingly for many other common recreational species including bream, flathead and kingfish.

Do flatheads bite in the rain?

Catfish will bite just about any time of the day and night but many fishermen are curious how catfish react to changes in weather, especially in response to rain. So it seems only natural rain will have an effect on fishing for catfish.