What happened at Damdama Sahib?

What happened at Damdama Sahib?

Literally, Damdama means resting place. Guru Gobind Singh stayed here after the Sikhs fought several defensive battles. A combination of Mughals and hillmen besieged Anandpur Sahib on the orders of emperor Aurangzeb. Finally the stock of food in the town ran out.

Why was Damdama Sahib built?

Guru Sahib met the Prince near Humayun’s Tomb, and together they drew up their strategy for battle. Later, Guru Sahib helped the Prince defeat his brother and claim the throne. Gurdwara Damdama Sahib (place of rest) was first built by Sardar Bhagel Singh in 1783, when a huge Sikh army under his command conquered Delhi.

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Why is Damdama Sahib famous?

Guru Ki Kashi Now known better as Damdama Sahib after the Gurdwara became one of the five temporal Takhats of the Sikh religion. This title was given because of the intense literary activities that Guru Gobind Singh engaged in during his stay here (the compilation of Sikh scriptures).