What engine is in a 610 Bobcat?

What engine is in a 610 Bobcat?

It has a four cylinder Gasoline Engine that produces 30 horsepower. This Bobcat 610 skid steer weighs 3805 pounds and is shown on the left with a general bucket attachment.

How much can a Bobcat 610 lift?

Bobcat 610 Lift Capacity

US Metric
Lifting Capacity 980 Ibs 445 kg

What size tire is on 610 Bobcat?


Actual Tire Dimensions
Tire Size Overall Diameter Rim Diameter
(31×12-20) (825) (520)
14×17.5 36″ 24″
(36×14-24) (915) (610)

What is the smallest Bobcat skid steer?

At just six feet tall and three feet wide, the S70 is Bobcat’s smallest skid-steer loader. The smallest skid-steer loader in Bobcat’s lineup, the S70, has a rated operating capacity of 760 pounds.

How much horsepower does a bobcat have?

This 74-hp, vertical-lift-path skid-steer loader delivers powerful breakout forces, fast cycle times and upgraded lifting capabilities – including increased capacity and height. Machine enhancements include an inline engine and direct-drive system, cast-steel lift arms and improved cooling performance.

How much does a bobcat 310 weight?

Bobcat 310 Skid Steer Loader It has a Gasoline Engine that produces 16 horsepower. This Bobcat 310 skid steer has a one cylinder engine and weighs 1800 pounds.

How many horsepower does a bobcat have?

34.9 hp
Horsepower: 34.9 hp.

How big is a mini Bobcat?

How big is the Bobcat S70? This small skid steer measures just 71.4 inches high, 35.4 inches wide and 75.5 inches long without an attachment, enabling it to fit through doorways and gates and work easily under low-clearance ceilings. Its operating weight is an easy-to-transport 2,892 pounds.

What is the strongest Bobcat?

The T870 is the largest-ever Bobcat® compact track loader. With a lift height of 12 ft., the T870 is the highest-lifting compact track loader on the market. It’s ideal if you load over hay wagons, mortar mixers or tandem axle trucks with side boards. You can easily stack brick, blocks and other palletized materials.

What are the different sizes of Bobcat?

Bobcat Skid-Steer Loaders

  • Bobcat Earthforce S16 Skid-Steer Loader. ROC: 680 kg.
  • Bobcat Earthforce S18 Skid-Steer Loader. ROC: 858 kg.
  • ROC: 362 kg.
  • Bobcat S100 Skid-Steer Loader. ROC: 457 kg.
  • ROC: 608 kg.
  • ROC: 810 kg.
  • Bobcat S530 Skid-Steer Loader. ROC: 869 kg.
  • Bobcat S550 Skid-Steer Loader. ROC: 894 kg.