What does Gocking mean?

What does Gocking mean?

(gôk) intr.v. gawked, gawk·ing, gawks. To stare or gape stupidly. See Synonyms at gaze.

What are some synonyms for the word gawk?

synonyms for gawk

  • gape.
  • glare.
  • ogle.
  • bore.
  • eyeball.
  • gaze.
  • gloat.
  • goggle.

What is a antonym for gawk?

noun. ( ˈgɔk) An awkward stupid person. Antonyms. distrust mistrust disagree back. stumblebum clumsy person.

Where does the word gawk come from?

The verb gawk was first recorded in American English in 1785. It may have evolved from the word gaw, which came from the Middle English word gowen, meaning “to stare.” When you gawk at something, you get completely absorbed in what you’re looking at.

What does gawking look like?

Some dictionaries describe gawking as staring open-mouthed, stupidly. So if something really catches your attention, it may be OK to stare but try not to gawk! Even then, be careful about staring at people!

What part of speech is gawk?

intransitive verb

part of speech: intransitive verb
inflections: gawks, gawking, gawked
definition: to look at someone or something fixedly and somewhat dopily; gape. The boys gawked at the attractive substitute teacher as she walked down the hall. similar words: gape
related words: gaze, look, marvel, ogle, peer, stare, wonder

What is the opposite of gawking?

Opposite of to direct one’s gaze. avert. disregard. ignore.

What are you gawking at meaning?

To gawk at someone or something means to stare at them in a rude, stupid, or unthinking way.

Is gawk a positive connotation?

gawk is another word for stare Gawking has negative connotations and implies a lack of politeness when noticing or observing another person.