What does Dean ML stand for?

What does Dean ML stand for?

Dean Zelinsky created the ML in 1977, striving for improved sustain and tone. The ML was named posthumously for the initials of Zelinsky’s friend Matthew Lynn, who had died of cancer.

How much does a Dean ML weigh?

Product information

Item Weight 15 pounds
Fretboard Material Mahogany
Guitar Pickup Configuration H
Top Material Mahogany
Neck Material Type Mahogany

Did Dimebag use Dean Guitars?

Pantera. Dimebag Darrell Abbott was a true Dean artist. He grew up wanting to play a Dean more than any other and to have a working relationship with the brand. He had a ferocious passion for Dean Guitars and he took the instrument to new heights with his unique, powerful style and lifestyle.

Is the Dean ML good?

5.0 out of 5 stars Extremely nice guitar… Well worth every penny. It was perfect out of box. It took a while to get with the body shape and its a little heavy but..

Who played a Dean guitar?

Dean also makes signature models for Bret Michaels, Michael Schenker, Leslie West, Michael Angelo Batio, Michael Amott, Rusty Cooley, and other artists. The company’s bass guitar models include the ML, V, Z, Cadillac, Edge, Metal Man / Demonator, Hillsboro, Entwistle, EVO, Razorback, and Custom Zone.

Where are Dean ML guitars made?

Tampa, Florida
Dean Guitars, commonly referred to simply as Dean, is an American importer and maker of stringed instruments and musical products with its headquarters in Tampa, Florida. Its products include solid-body electric guitars, bass guitars, and acoustic guitars….Dean Guitars.

Type Private
Website deanguitars.com

Is Dean a good guitar?

So are Dean guitars good? Dean has a reputation for making excellent high-end guitars. But their less expensive models don’t quite have the same reputation for excellence as their high-end guitars. So if you’re looking for an entry-level instrument, you may want to try a different brand.

Why is Dean being sued?

Dean Guitars sued by Dimebag Darrell’s estate over body shape trademarks and breach of contract. The late Pantera guitarist’s estate accuses Dean of filing “unauthorised and fraudulent” trademarks for Dimebag guitars, and being “incredibly disrespectful” of his legacy.

What musicians use Dean Guitars?

Dean Artist Roster

  • Alex Jansen. Andre Sobral.
  • Andrey Reer. Andy Larocque.
  • Archaon. Bill Cook.
  • Bill Peck. Billy Blair.
  • Bobby Barth. Bobby Chronic.
  • Bobby Gustafson. Brandon Kinney.
  • Bret Michaels. Charlie Hargrett.
  • Chen Xi. Chris Impellitteri.

What happened with Dean Guitars?

With the advent of the Superstrat and grunge music, Dean Zelinsky sold the business to Oscar Medeiros of Tropical Music, who gained ownership of the brand from 1986, and until 1995 focused on selling to Latin bands overseas. The company had all but disappeared from the American market at that point.

What kind of guitar is a Dean ML?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The Dean ML is an electric guitar made by Dean Guitars in 1977 along with its counterparts, the Dean V, Dean Cadillac and Dean Z. It has an unusual design, with a V-shaped headstock and V-shaped tailpiece. It was popularised by the guitarist Dimebag Darrell of Pantera .

What does Dean Dean ML look like?

Dean ML. The mass of the guitar is spread out over a wider area than most guitars, in order to maximize sustain. The “V”-shaped headstock and “string-through-body” design are also designed to increase sustain and improve tone. The Dean ML’s body shape resembles that of a Gibson Flying V combined with the upper half of an Explorer .

Why buy from deandean guitars?

Dean Guitars busted down the door in 1977, and today, we’re continuing to pave the way for guitar enthusiasts worldwide. For over 40 Years, Dean Guitars has been the player’s choice for musicians all over the world. We have one of the finest custom guitar shops in the world.

What is the ML shape on a bass guitar?

The ML shape is also available as part of the Baby Series as a scaled down version. The Dean “Metalman” line of bass guitars has a Metalman ML model. A guitar body shape similar to that of the ML is featured in the “create-an-instrument” mode in the video game Guitar Hero: World Tour.