What did Carrie Best achieve?

What did Carrie Best achieve?

Sparked by incidents of racial discrimination, Carrie Best became a civil rights activist. Co-founder of The Clarion, one of the first newspapers in Nova Scotia owned and published by Black Canadians, she used the platform to advocate for Black rights.

What will Carrie Best be remembered for?

Carrie Best

Carrie Best OC ONS
Died July 24, 2001 (aged 98) New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, Canada
Nationality Canadian
Occupation Journalist social activist
Known for First black owner and publisher of a Nova Scotia newspaper

What was Carrie Best legacy?

Best was granted many awards and distinctions for her work in furthering race relations, including member of the Order of Canada in 1974 and a Harry Jerome Award in 1986. She was posthumously awarded the Order of Nova Scotia in 2002 and in 2011, was commemorated on a Canada Post postage stamp.

What did Carrie Best do after high school?

She was a Black Canadian writer, publisher and activist. From New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, she graduated from high school in the 1920’s after graduation; she married her husband Albert Best. Carrie Best became a publisher in Nova Scotia when she and her son created the Clarion, the first Black newspaper in Nova Scotia.

What did Carrie Best say?

Carrie Best: ‘As good as anyone, better than most’

Why is Carrie Best Inspirational?

Carrie Best is the epitome of courage and determination, she had everything riding against her being a person of colour, as well as a woman. Yet against the odds she started a powerful newspaper publication, her own radio program, and continued to fight against injustices up until her last breath.

What was Carrie Best first job?

Human Rights columnist
In 1968, Carrie Best was hired as a Human Rights columnist for the Pictou Advocate. For seven years, she used that platform to fight for better conditions on Native Reserves, to end discrimination against black property owners, and to end racism in Canadian legal and political institutions.

When did Carrie Best died?

July 24, 2001Carrie Best / Date of death

What did Carrie Best believe in?

This was a long-held belief of Carrie Best, who after witnessing and experiencing much racism and discrimination during her lifetime, dedicated her life to working as a civil rights activist; advocating for the black community and other marginalized groups in Canada.

What inspired Carrie Best?

Carrie’s parents James and Georgina Prevoe encouraged their daughter to study and stay in touch with her black heritage. This likely inspired her to study the literary works of other notable black writers, and through this learn more about her culture, and the challenges faced by those in her community.

What inspired Carrie best?

When did Carrie best finish high school?

Facts about Carrie Best

  • Carrie Best was born in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, Canada.
  • She did graduation from high school in the 1920.
  • She got the awards like Order of Canada and Order of Nova Scotia.
  • She was a Journalist, and social activist.
  • She is famous for the First black owner and publisher of a Nova Scotia newspaper.