What caused the famine in India in 1943?

What caused the famine in India in 1943?

New Delhi, India – The Bengal famine of 1943 estimated to have killed up to three million people was not caused by drought but instead was a result of a “complete policy failure” of the then-British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, a recent study has said.

Did Britain cause the Indian famine?

Famines in India resulted in more than 30 million deaths over the course of the 18th, 19th, and early 20th centuries. Some commentators have identified British government inaction as a contributing factor to the severity of famines during the time India was under British rule.

Which disease has caused the famous Bengal famine?

Though administrative failures were immediately responsible for this human suffering, the principal cause of the short crop supply in 1943 was the epidemic of brown spot disease which attacked the rice crop in Bengal in 1942 [1].

What did Churchill say about the Bengal famine?

On 7 October, Churchill told the war cabinet that one of the new viceroy’s first duties was to see to it “that famine and food difficulties were dealt with.” He wrote to Wavell the next day: “Every effort must be made, even by the diversion of shipping urgently needed for war purposes, to deal with local shortages.” …

Were Indian famine natural or manmade?

Almost the entire natural increase in population in the last quarter of the nineteenth century was removed due to the three great famines of 1876, 1896 and 1898. But thereafter, episodes of food scarcity did not lead to mass mortality on the scale they did in the past.

Could the Bengal famine have been avoided?

Patnaik said. The Bengal famine could well have been prevented with an annual tax of as little of 4 pounds per capita from the British population, she told the international seminar on “Agriculture and Rural India after economic reforms” at the MSSRF organised in honour of Prof. Venkatesh Athreya.

Which disease caused Bengal famine of 1943?

Did Churchill regret the Bengal famine?

Three million Bengalis died of starvation. The truth—documented by Sir Martin Gilbert and Hillsdale College—is that Churchill did everything he could in the midst of world war to save the Bengalis; and that without him the famine would have been worse.

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