What are the major concern of macroeconomics in Nigeria?

What are the major concern of macroeconomics in Nigeria?

The major factors hurting the Nigerian economy include inflation, unemployment, government policy, monetary policies, inadequate infrastructures and power supply, inadequate health facilities, insecurity, ineffective leadership and corruption, and over-reliance on oil.

What are the effect of Boko Haram in Nigeria?

Boko Haram and its impact in Nigeria These abuses include murder, abduction, sexual violence, forced labor, forced conscription of children, looting, and burning public buildings (such as schools), personal property (such as farmland), and in some cases entire villages.

What type of economy does Nigeria have?

Nigeria has a mixed economic system which includes a variety of private freedom, combined with centralized economic planning and government regulation.

What is macro economic environment?

A macro environment refers to the set of conditions that exist in the economy as a whole, rather than in a particular sector or region. In general, the macro environment includes trends in the gross domestic product (GDP), inflation, employment, spending, and monetary and fiscal policy.

What are the importance of macro economics?

Macroeconomics helps to evaluate the resources and capabilities of an economy, churn out ways to increase the national income, boost productivity, and create job opportunities to upscale an economy in terms of monetary development.

What are the impact of insurgency in Nigeria?

Findings reveal that insurgency has claimed a lot of lives and property; compounded the food and nutrition insecurity situation in the country; aided the spread of infectious diseases; denied millions of children and youths access to education; increased the number of internally displaced persons with dire need of …

What is the best economic system for Nigeria?

Nigeria, some say is using a mixed economic system where the private and public sector contribute to the growth of the economy others are of the view that a capitalist economy will bode the country well as it will take some pressure off the government.