Is MacKenzie-Childs going out of business?

Is MacKenzie-Childs going out of business?

MacKenzie-Childs was founded by the very artistic couple Richard and Victoria MacKenzie-Childs. Unfortunately, their company declared bankruptcy in 2000 but you can still see and buy their creative items at their new company, Victoria and Richard Emprise.

Is MacKenzie-Childs made in USA?

Now in its 36th year, MacKenzie-Childs continues to grow its business and its reputation as a premier design and manufacturing company known for American craftsmanship, quality, originality and fun. “We are proud that we still produce our pottery and handmade and decorated furniture here in the USA,” said Ling.

Is MacKenzie child made in China?

All of their ceramic pieces (except the tiles, made in Mexico), are created at the Aurora, New York location. Every ceramic piece crafted by MacKenzie-Childs artisans is from their signature red clay.

Where is MacKenzie-Childs cookware made?

All of their ceramic pieces (except the tiles, made in Mexico), are created at the Aurora, New York location. Of course, a company as large as MacKenzie-Childs cannot make all of their products in one place.

Is MacKenzie-Childs made in Vietnam?

How do I contact MacKenzie Child customer service?

(888) 665-1999MacKenzie-Childs / Customer service

What happened to Richard and Victoria MacKenzie-Childs?

The pair who began the iconic brand of furniture and ceramics, MacKenzie-Childs, is now living in a smaller—but by no means less whimsical—space. The couple now lives on the historic Yankee Ferry in the New York harbor, which carried the first flood of immigrants from Ellis Island to New York City.

Is MacKenzie-Childs made in China?

While our roots began in handmade, hand-painted ceramics in Aurora, New York, our designs have been brought to life by world-wide talents and manufacturers for decades including our ever-popular enamelware which has been made in Eastern Asia since first debuting in 1995.

Is MacKenzie-Childs made in Taiwan?

Where is Mackenzie Childs headquarters?

Aurora, NYMacKenzie-Childs / Headquarters location

How do you tell if MacKenzie-Childs is real?

The letters on the bottom of your piece is an artisan’s stamp or mark, which shows his or her contribution to the piece. In some cases, the contribution is a stage in the process, as in ceramics and in others, the application of decorative surface treatment may be the start-to-finish responsibility of one artisan.

Can I use my MacKenzie-Childs teapot?

Like our tea kettles, MacKenzie-Childs tea pots are made to be used or for decoration. Our artisans have a long process when making tea pots.

Who is the CEO of MacKenzie-Childs?

John Ling (Sep 2015–)MacKenzie-Childs / CEO

Where is MacKenzie-Childs manufactured?

Though some of MacKenzie-Childs products don’t hail from their original factory, we did find that a good portion of furniture, lighting, and ceramics do come from the MacKenzie-Childs factory in Aurora, New York.

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What is the return policy at MacKenzie-Childs?

All returns are credited to the credit card used on the original purchase or can be refunded to a MacKenzie-Childs gift card. There are no cash refunds or exchanges. Proof of purchase is required for all returns. We will accept returns of non-furniture items under the following conditions: A valid proof of purchase must be provided.

What is the MacKenzie-Childs Price Adjustment policy?

The difference in price will be refunded to the original method of payment with a dated MacKenzie-Childs proof of purchase; proof of purchase is required for all price adjustment considerations. Only one price adjustment per item can be made.

What is MacKenzie-Childs’policy on lost or stolen gift cards?

MacKenzie-Childs is not liable for replacing lost or stolen gift cards or store credits. We cannot accept MacKenzie-Childs gift cards at the Barn Sale. Our products are hand crafted by artisans in Aurora and abroad. Pieces may vary due to the handmade nature of each product.