How old is the Legion of Mary?

How old is the Legion of Mary?

Today, active and auxiliary (praying) members make up a total of over 10 million members worldwide, making it the largest apostolic organization of lay people in the Catholic Church….Legion of Mary.

Legio Mariae
Vexillium Legionis
Abbreviation LOM, Legionis
Formation 7 September 1921
Founder Servant of God Frank Duff

Who brought Legion of Mary to Africa?

Edel Quinn
Edel Quinn

Venerable Edel Quinn L.O.M.
Portrait of Edel Quinn
Legion of Mary Missionary to East Africa
Born Edel Mary Quinn14 September 1907 Castlemagner, County Cork, Ireland
Died 12 May 1944 (aged 36) Nairobi, Kenya

What did Edel Quinn do?

For eight years, Edel worked throughout the vast territories committed to her, even though her health was steadily declining. As a result of her efforts, hundreds of Legion groups were founded and thousands of Africans were brought into the Church and the work of evangelization.

When was Edel Quinn born?

September 14, 1907Edel Quinn / Date of birth

What is the meaning of Edel Quinn?

According to these origins, the meaning of Edel is ‘having a noble character’ or simply ‘noble’. Edel Mary Quinn also known as Edel Quinn, an Irish-born Roman Catholic lay-missionary is one of the noteworthy figures to have this name.

Is there a saint Quinn?

Saint Quentin (Latin: Quintinus; died c. 287 AD) also known as Quentin of Amiens, was an early Christian saint.

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