How old is Strago?

How old is Strago?

Strago Magus
Strago Magus
Age 70
Birthplace Thamasa
Gender Male

Is Strago Relm’s grandfather?

Strago Magus is a playable character in Final Fantasy VI. He is Relm’s surrogate grandfather and a resident of Thamasa. As a descendant of the Magi, Strago is one of a handful of humans who possess natural magic, manifested as the Lore command that allows him to use Blue Magic.

How do I learn lore Strago?

Strago learns different Lores by seeing an enemy use the ability (or, in some cases, seeing Gau, Relm, or Gogo use it with either the Rage or Sketch abilities) and by surviving the battle.

Where is Relm in the world of ruin?

For Relm, you’ll need to find Jidoor. It is southwest of Zozo; northeast of the Opera House; on the continent west of Tzen.

Is RELM good ff6?

Relm’s Strength and Stamina are among the worst in the game, but her Speed, Evasion and Magic Evasion are above average, particularly for mage-type characters. Relm’s standout stat is her Magic—at base 44 she has the highest Magic in the game, making her a natural fit to be a mage.

Is kefka a Baram?

One of my favorite, but albeit really farfetched fan theory, is that Baram is in fact Kefka. After being left to die by Clyde, a wounded Baram is captured by the Empire, taken care and used a guinea pig for magicite experiment.

Is Shadow a Clyde?

Story. More than ten years ago, Shadow went by the name “Clyde” and worked with his partner Baram as a pair of train robbers. He took on the alias “Shadow” from his days with Baram, and became a mercenary assassin. The party meets Shadow.

How do you beat Intangir in ff6?

A way to defeat an Intangir in the Advance release is to use the psycho Cyan bug. The player must kill Cyan in the Intangir battle, and revive him, then use another character to cast Cura on him to recover his HP (at least above 1,000). Cyan should then use the Sky Bushido, and someone else must cast Imp on Cyan.

How do you get white wind ff5?

The only way to learn White Wind is to confuse an enemy that knows it, and then be hit by the attack. Equipping a captured creature with the Gun Mage dressphere will automatically grant them access to White Wind.