How much is a BBL 360?

How much is a BBL 360?

Lipo 360: $9,500 and Lipo 360 + Fat transfer (BBL): $12,000. Price includes your surgery, anesthesia fee, your first compression garment, Booty Buddy Pillow for BBL patients and recovery bag.

How much is a BBL in Baltimore Maryland?

The cost of your Brazilian Butt Lift also includes other costs, such as anesthesia, operating room fees, and other aspects of your procedure. On average, the cost of getting a Brazilian Butt Lift is between $8,200 and $10,500.

How much is a BBL in DC?

How Much Does a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) Cost in Washington, DC? The cost for Brazilian butt lift procedures starts at $11,000 and increases with the specifics of the procedure such as the extent of liposuction necessary.

How much is a BBL in Atlanta?

The starting cost of a Brazilian butt lift in Atlanta is $6,700 at Y Plastic Surgery. The cost includes the surgeon’s fees in addition to other surgical and anesthesia fees.

How much is Lipo in Mexico?

The average price in the US is $5,500, but you can get liposuction in Tijuana, Mexico for just $2,500-3,000….Liposuction Tijuana Price (In USD)

Liposuction Area Price in Tijuana
Arms $3,200
Arms and Calves $1,600-2,290
Back $3,498
Liposculpture $3,580-3,800

How much does DR Miami charge for a BBL?

According to therealdrmiami’s surgical packages, Dr. Miami price for Brazilian Butt Lift is $14, 545. The bbl cost includes liposuction of abdomen, flanks, and lower back. Alternatively, if you combine A Tummy Tuck and Brazilian Butt Lift, the price will be $20,445.

How much is a bbl in Juarez?

Cost of Brazilian Butt Lift in Mexico
Procedure Minimum price Maximum price
Brazilian Butt Lift $US 4,100 $US 5,900