How do you convert mt to MMBtu?

How do you convert mt to MMBtu?

Converting From Cubic Meters to MMBtu First, if need be, convert cubic meters to cubic feet by multiplying by 35.31. Then, multiply this by the most recent conversion factor to get MBtu per cf (here, 1.036). Finally, determine how many MMBtu this is by dividing by 1,000, since 1 MBtu = 0.001 MMBtu.

How much is a tonne of LNG?

One ton of LNG contains the energy equivalent of about 48 billion cubic feet (48 bcf) of natural gas, or 8.59 million barrels of oil equivalent (mmboe) or 1.17 milllion tons of oil equivalent (mmtoe).

How many cubic meters are in a metric ton of LNG?

The cubic meters amount 0.42 m^3 converts into 1 t, one tonne(Metric). It is the EQUAL concrete mass value of 1 tonne (Metric) but in the cubic meters volume unit alternative.

What unit is mtpa?

million tonnes per annum
Natural gas

Abbreviation Description
Btu British thermal units
MMBtu million British thermal units
Btu/cf British thermal units per cubic foot
MTPA million tonnes per annum (of LNG)

What does 1 Litre of LNG weigh?

The density of LNG is roughly 0.41 kg/litre to 0.5 kg/litre, depending on temperature, pressure, and composition, compared to water at 1.0 kg/litre.

What unit is LNG sold in?

When in liquid form, LNG is commonly measured in metric tonnes. But you will sometimes see it measured in the amount of gas that it will provide when converted back to gaseous form. In this case, common units are billions of cubic meters (bcm) or billions of cubic feet (Bcf).

What is MT pa?

Mtpa means million tonnes per annum.

What is DTH in gas?

A dekatherm is a unit of energy that is equal to one million British thermal units or ten therms. Primarily used in the natural gas industry, dekatherms measure the actual heating value of a specific volume of natural gas.