How do I get my music video noticed on YouTube?

How do I get my music video noticed on YouTube?

7 Ways to Promote Your Music on YouTube

  1. Have a Professional YouTube Channel.
  2. Upload Consistently.
  3. Network With Other YouTubers.
  4. Use YouTube SEO.
  5. Take Advantage of Trends.
  6. Use Your Analytics.
  7. Utilize The Music Channels on YouTube.

How do you get selected for a music video?

How to Pick the Best Background Music for Videos

  1. Decide What Role Music Will Play in Your Video.
  2. Understand Which Genres Make the Best Background Music for Videos.
  3. Use Music Intros and Outros as Bookends.
  4. Use Reference Music.
  5. Know Your Budget.
  6. Consider Hiring a Composer.
  7. Choose Music That Speaks to Your Audience.

How do I promote my first music video?

How To Promote Your Music Video in 7 Easy Steps

  1. Build Up The Excitement. Don’t wait until the day your video drops to start promoting!
  2. Make Sure Your Music Video’s SEO is On-Point.
  3. Share Digitally and EVERYWHERE.
  4. Send Out An Email Blast.
  5. Utilize YouTube Ads for Musicians.
  6. Reach Out to Social Media Influencers.

How do I make my video go viral?

How to Make Your Music Videos Go Viral

  1. Blogs: Reach out to blogs that deal with your genre of music.
  2. Facebook: Set up a virtual video release event on Facebook prior to the posting your video on YouTube.
  3. Twitter: Share your video with your followers on Twitter, and encourage them to retweet your message.

How do you become a music video girl?

Put a profile on casting and modeling sites such as One Model Place, Model Mayhem or Musecube. Optionally, you can launch and market your own website. This will help you find jobs and be seen by photographers and music video directors. Apply to join a glamor modeling agency, such as Diamondz and Pearlz.