How do I find my iTunes podcast URL?

How do I find my iTunes podcast URL?

How To Find Your Podcast URL Apple iTunes

  1. Open Apple iTunes on your Mac or PC.
  2. Click on the ‘Store’ tab.
  3. Go to Search Bar in the upper right corner,
  4. Type your podcast name and press Enter.
  5. Look for your cover art under ‘Podcasts’
  6. Click on the name of your show.
  7. Click the Arrow Next to ‘Subscribe’

How do you copy a podcast URL?

How to add RSS feed in Google Podcasts (Android & iOS)

  1. Click the “Activity” icon (bottom-right of your screen)
  2. Click the “Subscriptions” link at the top-right part of your screen.
  3. Click the “···” menu (upper-right)
  4. Select “Add by RSS feed”
  5. Paste in the RSS feed URL.
  6. Click “Subscribe”

How do I add a podcast URL to iTunes?

Breaker (iOS & Android) Tap the “Library” tab, then select the “Subscriptions” tab. Tap the “+” in the upper right and select “Add from link”. Paste the feed URL and tap done!

How do I find podcast URL?

How to find the URL for your favorite podcast

  1. Go to your favorite website that hosts a podcast.
  2. Find their RSS feed for the show. It usually looks something like “”.
  3. Copy that URL on your iPhone or iPad.
  4. Paste it in to Podcasts via the method above, and you’re subscribed!

What is URL for podcast?

A podcast URL uses the RSS format for creating a machine-readable list of discrete entries, as in a blog. For podcasts, the RSS feed includes a special enclosure tag that podcast apps can interpret to download an audio file.

How do I find a podcast URL?

Where do I find podcast URL?

Do you need a URL for a podcast?

Although a website for your podcast may not be technically necessary, there are a ton of advantages when it comes to increasing the reach and effectiveness of your podcast. Not only can it help you find new listeners, but it can also give you a way to add value to your current audience.