Has Cape Verde got coronavirus?

Has Cape Verde got coronavirus?

There are three Cape Verde COVID certificates – one proving the holder has been vaccinated, one proving the holder has recovered from COVID-19 and one showing evidence of a negative COVID test.

What is the main religion in Cape Verde?

Roman Catholic
The national government’s statistics indicate 77 percent of the population is Roman Catholic, 10 percent Protestant, and 2 percent Muslim; 11 percent does not identify with any religion. The second-largest Christian denomination is the Church of the Nazarene.

Is Cape Verde a rich country?

Cape Verde is classed as a poor country however, the quality of life ranks highest in the United Nations index of West Africa.

Is Cape Verdean an ethnicity?

Ethnic groups The Cape Verde archipelago was uninhabited when the Portuguese landed there in 1456. Slaves and Arabs from adjacent West Africa were brought to the islands to work on Portuguese plantations. As a result, many Cape Verdeans, are of mixed ethnicity (mestiços in Portuguese).

Where does Cape Verde belong to?

West Africa
Located in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of West Africa, Cape Verde is considered part of the Macaronesia ecoregion….Total Area, Population Size, and Density Level.

Official Name Republic of Cabo Verde
Bordering Countries
Calling Code 238
Capital Praia
Currency Cape Verde Escudo

Who does Cape Verde belong to?

Portuguese Language
Cape Verde is a founding member state of the Community of Portuguese Language Countries (CPLP), also known as the Lusophone Commonwealth, and international organization and political association of Lusophone nations across four continents, where Portuguese is an official language.

Does it get cold at night in Cape Verde?

Temperatures often exceed 30 degrees, and at night it is not much colder. Then the water in the ocean is also the warmest. However, it is worth remembering about the possible rainfall in August and September, because it is the rainy season in Cape Verde.