Does anyone use Pillowfort?

Does anyone use Pillowfort?

Pillowfort is a small social media/blogging platform founded in 2016 by Julia Baritz. The site is still undergoing development, and signups may be purchased for $5 or gifted as free invites by existing pillowfort members. As of October 2019, Pillowfort has over 49,000 registered users.

What is Pillowfort com?

Pillowfort is a young, blog-centric social platform inspired by early LiveJournal communities and Tumblr fans. People can post their photos, written text, illustrations, and GIFs, and share those creations with others.

Is Pillowfort free now?

Join Pillowfort for free! Register an account today & be part of our growing community of fans and creators. No invitation code required. According to its website’s About page, Pillowfort is “a new blogging platform currently in open beta with over 100,000 registered users.

How much does Pillowfort cost?

Why does it cost money to make a Pillowfort account? I don’t want my content behind a paywall! The one-time $5 registration fee helps us pay our expenses such as server costs and compensating our development & support team.

Who makes Pillowfort products?

Way back in 2016 Target launched Pillowfort—much to the joy of parents everywhere. Fast-forward five years and the kids’ brand is just as popular, if not more. The affordable awesomeness of Pillowfort includes a major mix of kid-friendly pieces that will grow with your children.

How do you join Pillowfort?

Join Pillowfort with a purchase of a $5 invitation, OR join for free with an invitation from an existing user!

Can you have multiple Pillowfort accounts?

Since Pillowfort allows adult content on our site we continue to face challenges in providing multiple options that all of our users can take part of.

Where is Pillowfort sold?

Pillowfort Bedding –

Is Pillowfort a kids brand?

Target’s New Kids Collection Isn’t for Boys or Girls Now, Target is launching a new kids’ brand, called Pillowfort on Feb. The brand, which will include 1,200 items, will replace longtime in-house billion-dollar brand, Circo, which also includes clothes and toys.