Does Andrew McMahon still play Konstantine?

Does Andrew McMahon still play Konstantine?

In apparent contradiction to his earlier interview, McMahon played “Konstantine” at every show he headlined in 2013. However, he now only plays it on one day a year: November 11.

Why did something corporate break up?

They launched the album with an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, performing the songs “If U C Jordan” and “Space”, the latter of which became the only single from the album. In February 2004, it was confirmed that William Tell had left Something Corporate to pursue a solo career.

Who sings Konstantine?

Something CorporateKonstantine / Artist

Andrew McMahon Reveals the Real Story Behind Something Corporate’s “Konstantine” Andrew McMahon is the voice of a generation—at least, he is for pop-punk die-hards in the early 2000s.

Who wrote Konstantine?

Andrew McMahonKonstantine / LyricistAndrew Ross McMahon is an American singer-songwriter. He was the vocalist, pianist and primary lyricist for the bands Something Corporate and main songwriter for Jack’s Mannequin and performs solo both under his own name as well as his moniker, Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness. Wikipedia

Why did Jack’s Mannequin break up?

Among that brutal history: McMahon’s diagnosis and recovery from leukemia at just 22 years old and creative differences that ultimately led to a split from Warners.

Why did McMahon leave Ohio?

Andrew McMahon Reminisces About Moving Homes as a Kid in New Song “Ohio” After two successful album with his latest project Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness, the piano-rock singer decided to take some time off to spend time with his wife Kelly and daughter Cecilia and figure out what he wanted to do next.

Who is the lead singer of Something Corporate?

Jack’s Mannequin2016 – 2016
Something Corporate
Andrew McMahon/Music groups

What does the name Konstantine mean?

constant, steadfast
Origin. Word/name. Latin. Meaning. “constant, steadfast”

How old is Andrew McMahon?

39 years (September 3, 1982)Andrew McMahon / Age

What happened to Jack’s Mannequin?

Jack’s Mannequin was an American rock band formed in 2004, hailing from Orange County, California. Shortly afterward, it was announced that McMahon would discontinue releasing music under the name Jack’s Mannequin, choosing to release music under his own name henceforth. …

What is Konstantine by Something Corporate?

“Konstantine” is a song by alternative rock band Something Corporate. The song is the third track of their album Songs for Silent Movies, which was only released in Japan.

What album is Konstantine on?

“Konstantine” was featured on a Drive-Thru Records’ compilation album entitled Welcome to the Family in 2001. It was later featured on Something Corporate’s 2003 album Songs for Silent Movies, which was only released in Japan.

What is the movie Konstantine about?

Something Corporate “Konstantine” tells the story of a tumultuous relationship between a teenage boy and girl. Andrew McMahon says “Konstantine” (once believed to be his now-wife, Kelly) is about…

What happened to Andrew McMahon’s song Something Corporate?

The song is the third track from their album Songs for Silent Movies, which was only released in Japan. Although Something Corporate is no longer touring, fans of McMahon have been known to request the song while he toured with Jack’s Mannequin and most recently under the moniker “Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness.”