Are Regatta jackets really waterproof?

Are Regatta jackets really waterproof?

All our jackets are waterproof and the higher the isotex number the more water the jacket can withstand.

Is Isotex the same as Gore Tex?

The most popular waterproof products technology using the Gore Tex membrane. Gore tex technology is very expensive so Regatta created a similar lower cost technology called IsoTex offered in affordable prices.

What’s the difference between shower resistant and waterproof?

Quite simply, water-resistant clothing offers less protection against wet weather. While a water-resistant jacket will have a water-repellent coating, preventing water absorption, it will not have the heavy-duty features, such as taped seams, that a waterproof jacket does.

How do I choose a waterproof jacket?

How Should a Waterproof Jacket Fit?

  1. Relaxed Fit: Every day, standard waterproof jackets will have a relaxed fit and a longer length for extra protection.
  2. Active Fit: Neither snug nor too baggy, these jackets will provide enough room for you to wear another layer underneath like a fleece or softshell.

Is Regatta IsoTex 5000 waterproof?

Isotex 5000 – 15000 fabrics are waterproof, breathable and windproof; the hydrophilic breathable system allows inner moisture vapour to escape. Designed to keep you dry and comfortable outdoors.

Why choose Regatta Great Outdoors’new padded jackets?

Regatta Great Outdoors’ new selection of padded jackets are here to see you through the cold winter months. Featuring enhanced heat retention over our usual waterproof jackets, our new padded jackets are filled with our patented WARMLOFT synthetic down or THERMOGUARD insulation.

What do you wear to a regatta?

There’s the popular Regatta walking shoes for men, women and kids, in addition to the huge collection of Regatta clothing. This includes waterproof jackets, winter coats, mid layers, walking trousers, t-shirts, thermals and socks, plus Regatta swimwear like swimsuits and swim shorts.

What makes our ladies waterproof jackets so special?

Our ladies waterproof jackets all feature the latest Regatta technologies and feature taped seams, hoods and breathable fabric. Whatever your outdoor activity, whether hiking, shopping at the weekend or on the school run, Regatta has the best waterproof jacket for the job.

Why choose the regatta range?

The Regatta range features everything from durable windproof jackets to breathable fashionable jackets to bring you the ultimate in lightweight protection. If you want the best level of protection paired with superb style, our women’s jackets give you the best of both worlds. Shopping for all the family?