Why was the Arrigoni Bridge built?

Why was the Arrigoni Bridge built?

They built the Arrigoni to create a modern highway connection between Middletown and Portland, and the cities and towns to the east and west of the Connecticut River. After World War II had consumed the nation’s resources for a period, they were again available to continue the revolution that had begun decades before.

What is the tallest bridge in Connecticut?

Gold Star Memorial Bridge
The bridge is the largest structure in the state with more than 1,000,000 sq ft (93,000 m2) of deck area, and the longest bridge in the state at 6,000 feet (1,829 m)….

Gold Star Memorial Bridge
Crosses Thames River
Locale New London, Connecticut
Official name Gold Star Memorial Bridge

How old is the Arrigoni Bridge?

84Arrigoni Bridge / Age (c. 1938)

What type of bridge is the Arrigoni Bridge?

Through arch bridgeArrigoni Bridge / Bridge type

The Arrigoni Bridge, also known locally as the Portland Bridge is a steel through arch bridge carrying Route 66 and Route 17 across the Connecticut River, connecting Middletown, Connecticut to Portland, Connecticut.

How big is the Arrigoni Bridge?

3,420 feet long
The Arrigoni Bridge, built in 1938, is 3,420 feet long, and consists of two three-hinged arch spans, each 600 feet long, over the river.

Where is Arrigoni Bridge?

MiddletownArrigoni Bridge / Location

Who built the Arrigoni Bridge?

the Berlin Iron Bridge Company
Known as the Portland Passenger Bridge, it was built by the Berlin Iron Bridge Company for $180,000, and measured 1,300 feet (400 m) in length and had a draw span of 450 feet (140 m).

When was the Arrigoni Bridge built?

1936Arrigoni Bridge / Construction started

How long is the Arrigoni Bridge?

3,428′Arrigoni Bridge / Total length

What kind of bridge is the Arrigoni Bridge?