Why is Chromecast not working on my iPhone?

Why is Chromecast not working on my iPhone?

Make sure Local Network Access is enabled On your iOS device’s home screen (iOS 14 or later), tap Settings. Local Network. Turn on Local Network Access for the app(s) you would like to allow access to your network. This will allow permissions for your device to discover Cast-enabled devices.

Why won’t HBO Max work on my Google chromecast?

If you encounter difficulties in casting your streaming device to your Chromecast-enabled gadget and it won’t play HBO max, try to re-log into your account to see if you can fix the problem. First, log out of the HBO max account to reset data.

Why can’t I cast HBO Max from my iPhone?

iOS: No Cast button If the Google Cast button is missing, you may need to adjust your iOS settings. Here’s how: On your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings, then scroll down and select HBO Max. Make sure Bluetooth and Local Network are both turned on.

Why won’t my HBO GO cast to my TV?

Usually, you can fix this problem by restarting both your streaming device and Chromecast. On the other hand, updating the app you are trying to cast or installing the latest version of your device’s software also helps resolve this issue.

How do I get my iPhone to recognize Chromecast?

Plug the Chromecast into an HDMI port on your TV. Go to the Apple App Store and download the Google Home app for your iPhone, before launching it. With your Google Home app open and your iPhone connected to Wi-Fi, create and name a new Home account to begin setting up your Chromecast device.

How do I get Chromecast to work on my iPhone?

Set up Chromecast or Chromecast Ultra

  1. Plug in Chromecast.
  2. Download the Google Home app on your Chromecast-supported iOS device.
  3. Turn on Bluetooth. If you already have Bluetooth turned on, you can skip to the next step.
  4. Open the Google Home app .
  5. Follow the steps.
  6. Setup is successful.

How do I cast HBO Go From my iPhone to my TV?

Make sure AirPlay is enabled on your AirPlay 2-compatible device. Open HBO Max on your iOS device and start playing a video. Tap the screen and then tap the AirPlay button in the upper right. Choose the device that you want to AirPlay to.

Why is casting not working?

Turning the Chromecast, mobile device, and router off and on again at the same time can actually resolve many casting related issues. First try turning off your Chromecast by unplugging it, and while it’s unplugged power off your mobile device and home router. Turn on your Chromecast. Turn on your mobile device.

How do I cast HBO GO From my iPhone to my TV?

Why can’t my iPhone cast to my TV?

Make sure that your AirPlay-compatible devices are turned on and near each other. Check that the devices are updated to the latest software and are on the same Wi-Fi network. Restart the devices that you want to use with AirPlay or screen mirroring.

Can you mirror iPhone to Chromecast?

You can mirror your iPhone to a Chromecast TV using one of two third-party apps. The free Chromecast Streamer app lets your mirror your iPhone’s screen to any Chromecast device on the same Wi-Fi network. Certain apps, including YouTube, also let you mirror your screen without any special add-ons.

Does Chromecast work with iPhone hotspot?

You enable hotspot on your smartphone, connect device 2 (PC, tablet, etc.) to the phone’s hotspot, configure Chromecast using device 2, and then shut down device 2. The Chromecast is now configured to the phone’s hotspot (WLAN), whether it has an internet connection or not.