Who owns the McCormick Scottsdale?

Who owns the McCormick Scottsdale?

Today McCormick Ranch has grown into a mature community of more than 3,100 acres containing 8,900 homes, condominiums and apartments, with close to 27,000 residents. In 1979 Edward Pincus purchased McCormick Ranch Golf Club, and to this day, it has remained a family-owned and operated business.

How many acres is McCormick Ranch in Scottsdale Arizona?

160 acres
McCormick Building and Paradise Park Lawn In 1921, the Jolly family built a ranch and home on 160 acres located at what is today the corner of Scottsdale and Indian Bend roads. This was purchased by Merle Cheney in 1942, who not long afterwards sold it Fowler and Anne McCormick.

How big is McCormick Ranch?

approximately 5 square miles
Size. Covering an area of approximately 5 square miles, McCormick Ranch has almost 14,000 residents, for a population density of about 2700 people per square mile.

Who is McCormick Ranch named after?

McCormick Ranch was named after it’s previous owners, Anne and Fowler McCormick. (Fowler McCormick was the president of International Harvester and the grandson of John D. Rockefeller and of Cyrus McCormick, inventor of “the reaper,” a crop harvesting machine.)

Who is Gainey Ranch named after?

Daniel Gainey
Gainey Ranch – The 640-acre development was home to a Minnesota native named Daniel Gainey, who made a fortune in the class-ring business. He was CEO of Jostens Inc. from 1933 to 1968.

Is McCormick Ranch a good place to live?

The McCormick Ranch neighborhood is lauded by residents as a family-friendly area — to both young families and retirees — with plenty of amenities nearby. It is home to a number of outdoor recreational opportunities, including the McCormick Ranch Golf Club, 25 miles of bike paths, several parks and a few lakes.

Is McCormick garlic ranch seasoning gluten free?

No, McCormick® Garlic Ranch Seasoning is not gluten-free.

How many acres is Gainey Ranch?

The 640-acre, resort-style community of Gainey Ranch is full of palm trees and fountains and has panoramic views of the McDowell Mountains.

Who is McDowell road named after?

Gen. Irvin McDowell
The fort, the road, the McDowell Mountains and the development of McDowell Mountain Ranch all get their name from a man who never set foot in Arizona: Civil War Gen. Irvin McDowell (1818-85), a graduate of West Point, commanded Union troops when they were routed at the Battle of Bull Run.

Is McCormick ranch safe?

For many reasons, McCormick Ranch may be considered a retiree’s dream neighborhood. According to NeighborhoodScout’s exclusive analysis and metrics, it’s peaceful and quiet, has above average safety from crime compared to other neighborhoods in Arizona, while also offering a diverse range of housing options.

Is Scottsdale AZ a good place to raise a family?

Scottsdale is known as a great place for those who want to raise a family. It has an abundance of safe suburban areas, low crime, and some of the best schools in the state. It’s also ideal for young adults just starting out. Scottsdale is centrally located between mountains and beach areas.