Who is the son of Malayalam actor Lal?

Who is the son of Malayalam actor Lal?

Jean Paul Lal
Jean Paul Lal, better known by his stage name Lal Jr., is an Indian film director who mainly works in the Malayalam film industry. He is the son of actor-director Lal.

Who is Lal Malayalam actor?

M. P. Michael (born 2 December 1958), better known by his stage name Lal, is an Indian actor, screenwriter, film director, producer and distributor who predominantly works in Malayalam cinema. He has also appeared in Tamil films and in a few Telugu films.

What happened to Mohanlal’s brother?

He had an elder brother named Pyarelal (died in 2000, during a military exercise).

What is the age of Siddique?

59 years (October 1, 1962)Siddique / Age

Who is the villain in karnan?

While fans sympathized with the titular character, Karnan, they developed angst against the ruthless villain Kannabhiran played by Nataraja Subramani. Following the film’s release, restless fans had reached out to Natty’s personal number via calls and messages.

What is the full name of Lal?

The Full form of LAL is laughing a little, or LAL stands for laughing a little, or the full name of given abbreviation is laughing a little.

What happened to Mohanlal’s mother?

Superstar Mohanlal’s mother Santhakumari, 76, was hospitalised on Thursday evening at Ernakulam in Edapalli Amritha hospital due to cerebral haemorrhage. OneIndia wishes Mohanlal’s mother a speedy recovery.

Is Pranav Mohanlal married?

They are happily married and have two children, Pranav Mohanlal who was an assistant director to Jeethu Joseph for the Kamal Hassan starrer Tamil film Papanasam and a daughter, Vismaya Mohanlal.

How tall is Mohanlal?

5′ 8″Mohanlal / Height

Is Karnan real?

Released last month, Karnan (2021) has earned universal acclaim in Tamil Nadu. The movie is a fictionalised retelling of the violence that rocked the southern districts of Tamil Nadu in the 1990s.