Who is the owner of Second Cup?

Who is the owner of Second Cup?

Foodtastic Inc.
Second Cup Coffee Co., also known as Second Cup CAFÉ & Cie, is a Canadian restaurant chain, coffee retailer, and roaster which operates more than 190 cafes nationwide….Second Cup.

Trade name Second Cup Coffee Co.
Parent Foodtastic Inc.
Website secondcup.com

How many franchises does Second Cup have?

Second Cup is a specialty Canadian coffee retailer with 242 cafes operating under the trade name Second Cup, out of which 34 are Company-operated and the balance are operated by franchisees.

Who is Second Cup target market?

The chain now counts baby boomers who grew up with Second Cup among its biggest clientele, he said. But millennials are an important customer segment, making up 29 per cent of all restaurant visitors, he added.

Is bridgehead only in Ottawa?

Bridgehead also sells coffee, coffee gear (mugs, cups), tea, hot chocolate, baked goods and coffee making equipment (Chemex, Aeropress) and more, through their website….Bridgehead Coffee.

Founded 1981
Headquarters 130 Anderson Street Ottawa, Ontario K1R 6T7
Number of locations 20
Area served Ottawa

Did Second Cup get bought out?

announced a deal Monday to buy troubled coffee chain Second Cup Coffee Co. Foodtastic CEO Peter Mammas said Monday the company is buying the Canadian coffee retailer and roaster from Aegis Brands Inc. in part for its national infrastructure.

How much does a Second Cup franchise cost?

$116,000 is required in available capital if you want to become a franchisee. The low end of the total investment required to open a new franchise is $350,000. The most you would expect to invest in a Second Cup Coffee location is $550,000. The franchise fee to open a Second Cup Coffee unit is $25,000.