Who is the best NHL team 2021 2022?

Who is the best NHL team 2021 2022?

2021 – 2022 NHL Power Rankings (December)

Rank Team Notes
Rank Team Notes
1 Toronto Maple Leafs 4 Game winning streak; looking unstoppable
2 Washington Capitals Tied for most goals in the league with Minnesota
3 Carolina Hurricanes Fewest goals allowed in the league (tied with Calgary)

What NHL team is most likely to relocate?

The two most speculated locations for potential NHL relocation are always Houston and Quebec City. Quebec City makes the most sense, as they once had their own NHL team the Quebec Nordiques and have an almost new NHL ready arena in VideoTron Centre ready to go.

Who is the best team in NHL 2021?

NHL Power Rankings: 1-32 poll, plus the biggest surprise of 2021-22 for every team

  1. Florida Panthers. Previous ranking: 2.
  2. Toronto Maple Leafs. Previous ranking: 4.
  3. Calgary Flames. Previous ranking: 6.
  4. Washington Capitals. Previous ranking: 3.
  5. Carolina Hurricanes.
  6. New York Rangers.
  7. Minnesota Wild.
  8. Tampa Bay Lightning.

Which 32 cities would get an NHL team?

Toronto, Ontario.

  • Toronto (Etobicoke), Ontario.
  • Toronto (Vaughan), Ontario.
  • Montreal, Quebec.
  • Montreal (West Island), Quebec.
  • Montreal (Laval), Quebec.
  • Vancouver, BC.
  • Victoria, BC.
  • What city needs an NHL team?

    Here are ten cities—three in Canada and seven in the United States—that could see an NHL team.

    • Portland, Oregon. 1 of 10.
    • Hamilton, Ontario. 2 of 10.
    • Kansas City, Missouri. 3 of 10.
    • Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 4 of 10.
    • Houston, Texas. 5 of 10.
    • Quebec City, Quebec. 6 of 10.
    • Salt Lake City, Utah. 7 of 10.
    • Halifax, Nova Scotia. 8 of 10.

    What is the smallest city with an NHL team?

    In North America, the smallest city to have a team an any of the four Major Leagues (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL) is Green Bay, WI, home of the Green Bay Packers.