Where is the interdental papilla?

Where is the interdental papilla?

The interdental papilla is the gum tissue found in the space between the teeth. It helps protect the roots of your teeth and keeps food from getting stuck between your teeth, leading to decay.

What is an interdental embrasure?

(em-brā’shŭr) In dentistry, an opening that widens outwardly or inwardly; specifically, that space adjacent to the interproximal contact area that spreads toward facial, gingival, lingual, occlusal, or incisal aspect.

What is embrasure area?

The place where the teeth touch each other is called the “contact” and the area below the contact is called the “embrasure”. The gum tissue that normally fills in is called the “papilla”.

Is interdental col Keratinized?

The interdental gingiva consists of a col-shaped part, bordered by a vestibular and palatal/lingual interdental papilla. The col is covered by a stratified non-keratinized epithelium (17, 30–32), whereas a stratified keratinized epithelium covers the interdental papillae (18).

How many interdental papilla are there?

two papillae
Interdental gingiva In the healthy mouth it comprises two papillae separated by a central col.

Where is the interdental gingiva?

interdental papilla
The interdental papilla, also known as the interdental gingiva, is the part of the gums (gingiva) that exists coronal to the free gingival margin on the buccal and lingual surfaces of the teeth.

What is the function of embrasure?

In dentistry, embrasures are V-shaped valleys between adjacent teeth. They provide a spill way for food to escape during chewing which essentially aids in the self-cleansing process.

Is attached gingiva Keratinized?

Attached gingiva – This tissue is adjacent to the free gingiva and is keratinized and firmly attached to the bone structure.

Where is the alveolar mucosa located?

Alveolar mucosa is the soft, thin mucous membrane that sits above the marginal gingiva and the attached gingiva, and continues across the floor of the mouth, cheeks, and lips.

What is an incisive papilla?

The incisive papilla otherwise known as palatine papilla is a small pear or oval shaped mucosal prominence situated at the midline of the palate, posterior to the palatal surface of the central incisors.