What Nick show was Max?

What Nick show was Max?

How to Rock
Maxwell George “Max” Schneider (born June 21, 1992) is an American singer, dancer, actor, model and musician. He began performing at the age of three, and he hasn’t stopped ever since. Now as of today Max Schneider is on the hit Nickelodeon television series How to Rock.

What movies has Max Schneider been in?

Love & Mercy2014The Last Keepers2013Checked Out
Max Schneider/Appears in

What race is Max Schneider?

Schneider grew up in Woodstock, New York. He was raised Jewish. His father is from a Jewish family and his mother converted to Judaism. Max married Emily Cannon at a courthouse on April 1, 2016, and welcomed their child, a daughter named Edie Celine, in December 2020.

How does Suga know MAX?

MAX met SUGA in Korea after they had been mutually admiring each other’s music from afar for a few years. Though SUGA’s fellow BTS member Jung Kook was also supposed to be at the meeting, MAX believes it was fate that brought him and SUGA together, because it laid the foundation for their close friendship.

Who is Max Schneider’s wife?

Emily SchneiderMax Schneider / Wife (m. 2016)

Does Max Schneider have a kid?

Edie Celine SchneiderMax Schneider / Children

The “Love Me Less” singer’s rep confirms exclusively to PEOPLE that he and wife Emily welcomed their first child, daughter Edie Celine Schneider, to the world on Tuesday, Dec. 1. Born in Los Angeles weighing 8 lbs., 10 oz., baby Edie measured 21 inches long — “with a 15-inch head full of hair,” the proud parents share.

Who is MAX wife?

Emily SchneiderMax Schneider / Wife (m. 2016)
In late-2016, Max announced through the social media site Instagram that he had married Emily Cannon in April of that year. It is not known if either of them converted to the religious beliefs of the other.

Did Suga produce blueberry eyes?

18. The album features a collaboration with Suga of BTS on the song “Blueberry Eyes.” MAX released the song and a music video for “Blueberry Eyes” on Sept. 15. While Suga was not actually able to be in the music video, MAX found a special way to include the BTS rapper.

Are Max Schneider and Kurt Schneider brothers?

Other works. Schneider has also made music videos in collaboration with other artists. He has also collaborated with Max Schneider (no relation) on a number of occasions: for example he directed a Bruno Mars medley for Schneider and Victoria Justice, a Maroon 5 medley and a Christmas medley.

Who is Emily Schneider husband?

Max SchneiderEmily Schneider / Husband (m. 2016)