What is the synonym of treasury?

What is the synonym of treasury?

exchequer, purse. bank, coffers. revenues, finances, funds, moneys, resources.

What is another name for an accountant?

In this page you can discover 35 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for accountant, like: bookkeeping expert, chartered accountant, actuary, figurer, reckoner, calculator, examiner of business accounts, inspector of accounts, comptroller, auditor and clerk.

What is the treasury of a company?

Treasury involves the management of money and financial risks in a business. Its priority is to ensure the business has the money it needs to manage its day-to-day business obligations, while also helping develop its long term financial strategy and policies.

What is a treasury in a bank?

Treasury is the management of cash flows within organisations. When you move money from your savings account to your current account, you are managing your cash flow. Perhaps you are preparing to pay a bill. In order to pay this bill, you make the cash available by moving it to your current account.

What do Chamberlains do?

Historically, the chamberlain superintends the arrangement of domestic affairs and was often also charged with receiving and paying out money kept in the royal chamber. The position was usually honoured upon a high-ranking member of the nobility (nobleman) or the clergy, often a royal favourite.

What is a bookkeeper called?

A bookkeeper (also known as a bookkeeping clerk) is a professional who helps businesses and other organizations keep their finances in order. They manage general accounting ledgers, record journal entries (transactions), and generate financial statements.

What is treasury job descriptions?

A Treasurer, or Financial Controller, oversees all financial transactions and fundraising efforts going in or out of an organizing committee. Their primary duties include budget planning, financial reporting, record-keeping, and managing incoming and outgoing funds.

What is treasury job?

Treasury Career Overview. Treasury management jobs involve ensuring that cash and financial risks in a business are properly managed and optimized. The main priority is to ensure cash is managed for day-to-day business operations while having an outlook for long-term strategy.

What is another word for Treasury?

Another word for treasury. treasury Synonyms. n. repository, bank, storehouse, money exchange, central money office, exchequer, bursary, money box, strongbox, cash register, safe, depository.

What is the definition of Treasury?

treasury – the funds of a government or institution or individual. exchequer . cash in hand, finances, funds, monetary resource, pecuniary resource – assets in the form of money. public treasury, till, trough – a treasury for government funds.

What is the plural of Treasury?

treasury (plural treasuries) A place where treasure is stored safely. A place where state or royal money and valuables are stored. Abbreviation of treasury department. A collection of artistic or literary works. (obsolete) A treasure.

What is the meaning of Treasury bills?

Definition of ‘Treasury Bills’. Definition: These are government bonds or debt securities with maturity of less than a year. Description: T- bills are issued to meet short-term mismatches in receipts and expenditure. Bonds of longer maturity are called dated securities. Also See: Market Stabilisation Scheme, Gross National Product.