What is the purpose of the loop detectors?

What is the purpose of the loop detectors?

Loop Detectors are used with vehicle detection loops to create an inductance from a magnetic field to sense vehicular traffic and increase access control. Loop wire is buried underground beneath a road or driveway and are connected to inductive loop vehicle detectors to detect the presence of a vehicle.

How does a vehicle loop detector work?

Inductive loops work like a metal detector as they measure the change in the field when objects pass over them. Once a vehicle drives over a loop sensor the loop field changes which allows the detection device to detect the presence of an object (mainly a vehicle).

What is a digital loop detector?

A Single channel external vehicle detector with 2 digital outputs, required for drive thru systems entry gate and traffic control. One output provides a closure during vehicle presence. The second output provides a pulse upon entry on the loop or exit pulse or presence mode of operation.

How does a gate loop detector work?

Exactly how does it work? The loop detector plugs into the gate operator’s main circuit board. The loop, a continuous length of wire, resonates at a regular frequency. But when something big and metal rolls over the loop, the frequency increases.

How do you test a loop detector?

This is performed by removing the lead ends for the loop detector and then placing one of the lead ends from the meter to one of the wire ends of the loop, and then placing the second lead end from the meter to the other wire end of the loop. Many multimeters will have a tone that will sound when there is continuity.

How do I install a loop detector?


  1. Cutting a slot.
  2. Cleaning and drying the slot.
  3. Laying in the inductive-loop detector wire.
  4. Sealing the sawcut.
  5. Connecting the wire to the lead-in cable.
  6. Connecting the cable to the terminal strip in the cabinet.
  7. Ensuring the harness connects the terminal strip to the electronics unit.

How many loops are in a loop detector?

An inductive loop vehicle detector system consists of three components: (1) a loop (preformed or saw-cut), (2) loop extension cable and (3) a detector. When installing or repairing an inductive loop system, the smallest detail can mean the difference between reliable detection and an intermittent detection of vehicles.

What is a loop detector on Gates?

INTRODUCTION. A loop detection system is a method of sensing vehicles and is typically used in automated gate applications to prevent a gate from automatically closing on a vehicle or to automatically open the gate when a vehicle is exiting a property.

What is a loop detector on gates?