What is the meaning of streptolysin?

What is the meaning of streptolysin?

Definition of streptolysin : an antigenic hemolysin produced by streptococci.

How does streptolysin help bacteria cause an infection?

The mechanisms by which streptolysin S (SLS) is known to contribute to the virulence of group A Streptococcus (GAS; also known as Streptococcus pyogenes) include soft-tissue damage, an impact on host phagocytes and a contribution to the paracellular translocation of GAS.

How does streptolysin O work?

Streptolysin-O in patient serum causes lysis of red blood cells (RBCs) which can be inhibited by specific antibodies. The ASO test measures the neutralization activity of patient serum for streptolysin-O.

Is streptolysin a virulence factor?

Streptolysin O is a well-studied, secreted virulence factor of GAS that induces apoptosis in neutrophils and macrophages at later time points (~4 h) (19). We, thus, focused the aim of the current study to investigate the role of SLO in the early GAS–neutrophil interaction (<30 min) independent of cell death.

Is Streptolysin o Antigenic?

It is antigenic, so its antibody antistreptolysin O can be detected in an antistreptolysin O titre.

What is the difference between Streptolysin O and S?

Streptolysin O is oxygen-labile whereas streptolysin S is oxygen-stable. This means that streptolysin S is stable in the presence of atmospheric oxygen. In blood agar, the streptolysin S forms a zone of β hemolysis around the colonies of streptococci grown under routine aerobic conditions.

Is streptolysin O Antigenic?

Is Streptolysin heat labile?

The molecule is acid and heat labile, with significant loss of activity at 50°C after 15 minutes (Dal and Monteil, 1983). Normally associated with the bacterial cell surface, GBS βH/C activity is facilitated through direct contact between the bacterium and the target eukaryotic cell (Platt, 1995).

What does o2 labile mean?

An oxygen-labile, immunogenic hemolysin produced by or derived from some strains of streptococci. Supplement. A streptolysin is a type of hemolysin (hemolytic exotoxin, in particular) produced by or derived from some strains of streptococci.

What is the difference between streptolysin O and S?

Is Streptolysin A exotoxin?

Streptolysin O (SLO) is a haemolytic exotoxin that belongs to a large family of cholesterol-dependent cytolysins (CDCs) [200]. CDCs are secreted, monomeric proteins that bind to eukaryotic cells and promote cytolysis through the formation of transmembrane pores [201].

Is streptolysin O oxygen-labile?

Streptolysin O (SLO) is a well-characterized oxygen-labile prototype of a cholesterol-binding bacterial exotoxin.