What is the lightest toy hauler available?

What is the lightest toy hauler available?

The lightest toy hauler on the list is the inTech Flyer Explore RV. The Flyer Explore has a dry weight of 1,440 lbs but can increase up to 2,020 lbs with the addition of optional features.

What is the lightest bumper pull toy hauler?

inTech Explore Flyer XLT The inTech Explorer Flyer is one of the lightest, ready-to-go toy haulers on the market. We would categorize it as “ultra-light” based on its aluminum body, all-tube construction, and welded frame.

What’s the lightest 5th wheel toy hauler?

Lightweight 5th Wheel Toy Haulers

  • Forest River XLR Boost 28RZR16.
  • Heartland Cyclone 3600.
  • Evergreen RV Tesla T3950.
  • Keystone Carbon Toy Hauler 347.
  • Jayco Seismic 4250.

What is the most affordable toy hauler?

Cheapest Toy Haulers (Least to Most Expensive)

Make/Model Dry Weight Price
1. SylvanSport Go 840 lbs $10,995
2. Sunset Park RV Sunray 109E 1,640 lbs $14,500
3. Forest River Salem FSX 181RT 3,204 lbs $19,500
4. Sunset Park RV Rush 19FC 3,300 lbs $20,000

What’s the shortest toy hauler?

inTech Flyer Explore
The inTech Flyer Explore might just be the smallest toy hauler on the market. It has a dry weight of 1,450 to 2,020 lbs, a cargo-carrying capacity of 970 to 1,540 lbs, and it’s just under 14′ long. The inTech Flyer Explore works great for off-roading and comes standard with a roadside tip-out tent for sleeping.

What is the weight of a fifth wheel toy hauler?

Typically, travel trailer-style toy haulers weigh between 5,000 and 10,000 lbs, while fifth-wheel toy haulers often range between 12,000 and 16,000 lbs.

What are the top rated toy haulers?

The Top 4 Fifth Wheel Toy Haulers

  • Keystone Fuzion 373.
  • Grand Design Momentum 376TH.
  • Forest River XLR Nitro 351.
  • Heartland Road Warrior 387.

What is the weight of an average toy hauler?

Toy Hauler Weight Toy haulers, when unloaded, range in weight from 3,600 to 11,400 pounds, with an average of about 7,600 pounds. Because they’re built for transporting smaller vehicles, toy haulers generally have a higher cargo capacity. The average is about 10,000 pounds.

What is the best lightweight travel trailer?

Coachmen Clipper Ultra-Lite Travel Trailer. Cozy But Feature-Rich! View All Coachmen Clipper Ultra-Lite Travel Trailer Floorplans!

What is the best travel trailer?

The Top 5 Best Travel Trailers Brands: Airstream Sport Travel Trailer. Forest River Flagstaff Micro-Lite Travel Trailer. Dutchmen Aerolite Travel Trailer. Keystone Passport Elite Travel Trailer. Livin Lite Camplite Travel Trailer.

What is a toy hauler RV?

A toy hauler is a towable RV combining living space with a mobile garage. The garage space can be used to carry motorcycles, ATVs and other “toys”, often with the rear panel opening like a drawbridge to create a loading ramp.