What is the cost of VDF flooring?

What is the cost of VDF flooring?

VDF Flooring;5000 Sq ft, Rs 80 /square feet Grid Cubes Private Limited | ID: 19773475262.

What is the meaning of VDF flooring?

This system is called Vacuum Dewatered Floors (VDF) The Vacuum Dewatered (VD) Flooring method, is a system for laying high quality concrete floors with superior cost-effectiveness. The key to the use of this method is the dewatering of concrete by vacuum process.

What is the use of VDF flooring?

The vacuum dewatering concrete flooring, also known as VDF System is suitable for high abrasion and heavy traffic movement. It is preferably used in making concrete roads, railway platforms, industrial floors, bridges, RCC Roads, Pre-cast Concrete Products etc.

Why IPS flooring is done?

IPS flooring stands for Indian patent stone flooring, it is a basic type of flooring which provides good wearing properties. It is generally used for all types of floors and mix of concrete used for IPS flooring specification is 1:1.5:3 (cement, sand and stone aggregates).

What is the meaning of IPS flooring?

Indian Patent Stone
IPS flooring generally stands for Indian Patent Stone which is also considered as a cheap flooring. The constituent of this type of flooring is cement, admixture, down 10mm coloured/white chips mixed with required water of around 35-50 mm thick on rcc/pcc surface.

What is VDF in road construction?

The vehicle damage factor (VDF) is a multiplier for converting the number of commercial vehicles of different axle loads and axle configurations to the number of standard axle-load repetitions. It is defined as the equivalent number of standard axles per commercial vehicle.

What is VDF in aviation?

N. This chapter explains the principle of operation and the use of the VHF Ground Direction Finding (VDF). VDF provides a means of determining the aircraft bearing from a ground station. VDF stations are capable of measuring the direction of arrival of radio transmissions from aircraft.