What is the cost of Kirloskar generator?

What is the cost of Kirloskar generator?

Kirloskar BLISS 15 KVA Diesel Generator @price:278000

Output Power 15 KVA
Phase 3
Gross Power 23 KW
Frequency 50 Hz
Voltage 415 V

What is the cost of 125 kVA generator?

Kirloskar 125 kVA Diesel Generator, KG1-125WS, Price from Rs. 40000/unit onwards, specification and features.

What is the price of DG?

In India, DG sets ranging from 2 kVA to 7,000 kVA are used, with those in the 15-2,000 kVA range being the most common. While a 15 kVA set is available at around Rs 200,000, a 125 kVA DG set would cost about Rs 550,000. The cost of a DG set increases with the increase in capacity.

Which is the best DG set in India?

Top 10 Diesel Generator Companies in India

  • Honda generators. This is one of the best Japanese brands that offer fuel efficiency and affordability.
  • Yamaha generators.
  • Mitsubishi generators.
  • Bajaj generators.
  • Birla power generators.
  • Kirloskar generators.
  • Mahindra generators.
  • Ashok Leyland generators.

How much diesel does a 100 KVA generator use per hour?

Diesel Generator Fuel Consumption Chart in Litres

Generator Size Approximate Diesel Fuel Consumption
80kW / 100kVA 7.2 24.0
120kW / 150kVA 10.8 36.0
160kW / 200kVA 14.4 48.0
200kW / 250kVA 18.0 60.0

How much fuel does a 500 KVA generator use?

Generator Size (kW) 1/4 Load (gal/hr) 3/4 Load (gal/hr)
300 6.8 16.1
350 7.9 18.7
400 8.9 21.3
500 11.0 26.4

Why choose Kirloskar DG set?

With more than 75 years in the power industry, Kirloskar is one of the trusted organizations of DG Set manufacturer. This organization uses state of the art technology & offering world-class service. This company has a sizable presence in the international market and they offer their service worldwide.

How much does a Kirloskar diesel generator cost in India?

Questions & Answers on Kirloskar Diesel Generator Kirloskar Diesel Generator Price Range No of Products (%) Rs 38000 – 93000 15% Rs 93000 – 230000 33% Rs 230000 – 550000 38% Rs 550000 – 1350000 12%

What is the Kirloskar Green DG 5KVA power rating?

Kirloskar Green DG 5 KVA @price:183000. Prime Rating at rated rpm. 5KVA. Genset Model. KG1-5AS3. Frequency. 50HZ. Power factor. 0.8 lagging.

Why choose our DG set?

These DG Set available in various fuel engines such as diesel, petrol, Kirloskar gas generator. Also, they built to meet the various power needs in every sector. Our offering DG Set manufacture using quality material & the latest recommendation according to the experts.