What is the best browser to replace Internet Explorer 11?

What is the best browser to replace Internet Explorer 11?

Top 10 Internet Explorer Alternatives & Competitors

  • Apple Safari.
  • Mozilla Firefox.
  • Chrome.
  • Opera.
  • Iron.
  • Brave.
  • Chromium.
  • Focos.

What is the new Windows browser called replacing Internet Explorer?

Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Internet Explorer was launched in August 1995. Internet Explorer Web browser will be officially retired on June 15, 2022, Microsoft has announced. The company will replace Internet Explorer 11 with Microsoft Edge. The ageing Internet Explorer browser is in its final days before it is completely shut down.

What browser can I use instead of Internet Explorer?

Microsoft Edge: Microsoft Edge is the tech giant’s replacement for IE. It is powered by the same technology as Chrome, and arguably just as easy to use.

What happened to Explorer browser?

Microsoft is officially pulling the plug on Internet Explorer in June 2022. Microsoft has been stepping away from the product since at least 2015, when it introduced its successor, Microsoft Edge (previously known as Project Spartan). …

Should I use Edge or Explorer?

“Not only is Microsoft Edge a faster, more secure and more modern browsing experience than Internet Explorer, but it is also able to address a key concern: compatibility for older, legacy websites and applications.”

Why is Microsoft shutting down Internet Explorer?

Having struggled through the latter half of its existence, Internet Explorer would be shut down in June next year to give way to Microsoft Edge. Microsoft had long seen this coming and hence, had decided to bring in Microsoft Edge as its primary web browser.

Why you should not use Internet Explorer?

Microsoft has warned users that a critical vulnerability in Explorer allows cybercriminals to hijack computers running the program. This means if you still use Internet Explorer, you should really stop. However, even keeping the browser on your computer and not using it still poses a risk.

What has replaced Explorer?

Microsoft Edge, officially unveiled on January 21, 2015, has replaced Internet Explorer as the default browser on Windows 10.