What is LKG TC?

What is LKG TC?

average LKG sugar per Ton Cane (LKG/TC) for a sample EWA is showni in Annex B. Selling Price (SP) a. For purposes of uniformity, the SRA shall serve as the only source of data for sugar.

What is the best variety of sugarcane?

Sugarcane Varieties

  • Co 89003. Co 89003 is a high sugared high yielding early maturing clone, selected from the progeny of the cross Co 7314 x Co 775 at Sugarcane Breeding Institute, Coimbatore and tested at Sugarcane Breeding Institute, Regional Centre, Karnal.
  • Co 98014.
  • Co0118.
  • Co 0238.
  • Co 0239.
  • Co 0237.
  • Co 05011.

How many sugar mills are there in the Philippines?

Out of the total land area of about 30 million hectares, sugarcane is planted toabout 422,500 hectares in the Philippines, with about 62,000 farmers. There are 29 operating raw mills with combined crushing capacity of 185,000 metric ton cane per day.

Is sugarcane abundant in the Philippines?

Introduction: Sugar is an important crop in the Philippines that is planted throughout the country but is most abundant in the Visayas and particularly on Negros Island. Total production of sugarcane reached $815 million in 2020, making it the fifth largest crop by value following rice, bananas, corn, and coconuts.

What is meaning of LKG?

Lower Kindergarten
The full meaning of LKG is Lower Kindergarten, and UKG stands for Upper Kindergarten. LKG prepares your kid to cope with the more advanced educational environment of UKG.

What is CCS in sugarcane?

Commercially recoverable sugar content in sugarcane (CCS, expressed as a percentage) is a key selection criterion in sugarcane breeding programs. The experiments included clones representative of genotypes routinely assessed in the earliest stages of clonal selection in breeding programs.

Which sugarcane is best in India?


  1. Uttar Pradesh. 21.72. 62.4. 1,333.
  2. Maharashtra. 9.36. 77.4. 753.
  3. Tamil Nadu. 2.32. 107. 375.
  4. Karnataka. 4.10. 84.6. 346.
  5. Andhra Pradesh. 1.91. 149.
  6. Bihar. 2.66. 56.8. 122.
  7. Gujarat. 1.80. 95.3.
  8. Haryana. 1.30. 93.4.

What is the sugar capital of the Philippines?

Bacolod, city, northwestern portion of the island of Negros, Philippines. On a coastal plain washed by Guimaras Strait, it lies opposite Guimaras Island and has been called the Philippine sugar capital because of its central location within the nation’s most important sugar-producing area.

What is RA 10659 all about?

– It is hereby declared the policy of the State to promote the competitiveness of the sugarcane industry and maximize the utilization of sugarcane resources, and improve the incomes of farmers and farm workers, through improved productivity, product diversification, job generation, and increased efficiency of sugar …

Why is banana important in the Philippines?

The banana is one of the most important fruit crops of the Philippines. It is important both as a source of local and international revenues for farmers, and an important component of the daily diet of all Filipinos.

What means pkg?

Pkg. is a written abbreviation for package. English. Grammar.

What comes first LKG UKG or nursery?

In the Indian education system, there are 3 years of elementary education before the primary education. These three years are Nursery, LKG (Lower Kindergarten), and UKG (Upper Kindergarten).

What does LKG/TC stand for?

The study assessed losses in cane weight and sugar rendement (Lkg/TC) due to some harvesting and post harvest practices in  two sugarcane varieties, Phil 8715 and Phil 90-1237 and estimated losses in sugar yield per hectare (Lkg/Ha) based on data generated.

What is the full form of LKG?

1)LKG stands for Lower Kindergarten. Generally, In our Indian education system, there are 3 years of elementary education before primary education. UKG (Upper Kindergarten).

What does lalkg stand for?

LKG (also interpreted as Lalgudi Karuppiah Gandhi) is a 2019 Indian Tamil-language political satire film directed by K. R. Prabhu on his directorial debut.

What is the LKG/TC of second ratoon sucrose?

Second ratoon sucrose content ranged from 2.07 LKg/TC to 2.45 LKg/TC and had a mean value of 2.29 which was higher than the plant crop by 6.99 percent. Phil 2002-0359 gave the highest LKg/TC (2.45), comparable with Phil 99-1793 (2.33) and Phil 2000-0791 (2.37) and statistically higher than Phil 2000-2569 (2.24) and Phil 2001-0295 (2.07).