What is Lazard Asset Management known for?

What is Lazard Asset Management known for?

Lazard’s asset management business provides investment management and financial advisory services to institutional clients, financial intermediaries, private clients, and investment vehicles around the world.

Is Lazard private equity?

In 2009, Lazard established a private equity business with The Edgewater Funds, a premier private equity firm based in Chicago, Illinois.

What is private capital advisory Lazard?

Lazard is a global leader in raising capital, executing secondary transactions, and providing capital solutions for private investment funds. Our private capital solutions team has been involved in many of the largest and most innovative transactions in the secondary markets. …

Is Lazard a public company?

In 2000, after more than 150 years of separate management, the Houses of Lazard formally united into a single entity to best serve our clients. In 2005, under the leadership of Bruce Wasserstein, Lazard became a public company, with nearly two-thirds of its shares owned by current and former employees.

What does private capital advisory do?

Evercore’s Private Capital Advisory (PCA) group is an active secondary market advisor focused on providing independent advice and execution services for the owners and managers of private financial assets. This includes private equity funds, direct co-investments, mezzanine interests and hedge fund side pockets.

What is private funds advisory?

In short, private equity advisory firms strive to limit the amount of investing capital and tend to avoid dry powder capital because as a firm, they aren’t asset gathering. Rather, they are a provider of consulting and investment management services.

What makes Lazard special?

Lazard is one of the world’s most prestigious investment banking firms. Its well-known M&A group has advised on some of the largest, most complex M&A deals of the past 100 years. Lazard’s excellent internship program allows interns to work on live deals alongside senior bankers and clients.

How many positions can you apply for at Lazard?

3 positions
Yes. You may apply to multiple locations and business areas, although we recommend applying to no more than 3 positions at any given time.