What is in an Interface Control Document?

What is in an Interface Control Document?

An interface control document (ICD) in systems engineering and software engineering, provides a record of all interface information (such as drawings, diagrams, tables, and textual information) generated for a project.

What are interface control drawings?

An Interface Control Drawing (ICD) is a drawing of all interface information of physical and functional interfaces that specifies the interface requirements of the participating systems in a common boundary.

What is FBI interface?

The FBI converts an Artist panel port from CAT5 to fibre in a bidirectional way providing long distance operation of Artist control panels. As the unit offers both connectors, for the matrix and for the panel, it can be inserted on either side.

What is the difference between an ICD and IDD?

The External Interface Control Documents (ICD) define the interface requirements between the local facility and all remote sites. The External Interface Definition Document (IDD) describes all standard services provided and is used as the basis for generating the External ICDs.

What are interface requirements?

An interface requirement is a system requirement that involves an interaction with another system. The format of the interface requirement is such that it includes a reference (pointer) to the specific location in the definition document that defines the interface.

How do you use a document system interface?

Interface requirements are written in pairs as shown below and in Figure 5 on the next page. All interface requirements have the same general form: “[System 1] shall [interact] with [System 2] [as defined in or having the characteristics shown in] [the document that defines the interface].”

What technology does the FBI use?

The FBI operates the largest fixed land mobile radio system in the U.S. The OTD-managed program supports the Bureau and other Department of Justice components in developing interoperability solutions, encryption and over-the-air rekeying, spectrum management, secure communications products and research, satellite/ …

What computers do the FBI use?

“I asked him about that, and he told us that many of the computer security folks back at FBI HQ use Macs running OS X, since those machines can do just about anything: run software for Mac, Unix, or Windows, using either a GUI or the command line. And they’re secure out of the box,” said Granneman.

What is IDD document?

The Interface Design Description (IDD) describes the interface characteristics of one or more systems, subsystems, Hardware Configuration Items (HWCIs), Computer Software Configuration Items (CSCIs), manual operations, or other system components. An IDD may describe any number of interfaces.

What is an interface requirement?