What is difference between logical and physical design?

What is difference between logical and physical design?

The main difference between logical database design and physical database design is that logical database design helps to define the data elements and their relationships, but physical database design helps to design the actual database based on the requirements gathered during the logical data design.

What do you mean by logical view?

Logical view: The logical view is concerned with the functionality that the system provides to end-users. UML diagrams are used to represent the logical view, and include class diagrams, and state diagrams.

What is logical database and physical database?

A logical Database is software, and it can be implemented in any kind of database software. Whereas, Physical database is a specific kind of software and hardware and can be used for one particular purpose. A logical database, also called a Logical data Model, or Logical Schema is a type of data model.

How many logical views can a database support?

A database can support up to three logical views.

What is difference between logical and physical data independence?

The physical data independence is basically used to separate conceptual levels from the internal/physical levels….Difference between Physical and Logical Data Independence :

Physical Data Independence Logical Data Independence
It is easy to retrieve. It is difficult to retrieve because the data is mainly dependent on the logical structure of data.

What are the differences between the logical and physical entity relationship diagram ERD )?

Logical ERD models information gathered from business requirements. Physical ERD represents the actual design of database. It deals with conversion from logical design into a schema level design that will be transformed into relational database.

What is the logical view of data quizlet?

The logical view of data is: How people organize, view, and understand relationships among data items. A schema is defined as: description of data elements in a database, relationships among them, and logical model used to organize and describe data.

What represents the logical view of the entire database?

A database schema is the skeleton structure that represents the logical view of an entire database. This type of schema contains a collection of metadata that defines how a data is organized and describes the relationships between objects and information within it.

What is difference between physical and logical standby database?

The logical standby database is a database that does not have the schema structure exactly similar to the source database. In contrast, a physical standby database is a database that replicates the exact contents of its primary database across the Oracle Net Network layer.

How do SQL views work?

A VIEW in SQL Server is like a virtual table that contains data from one or multiple tables. It does not hold any data and does not exist physically in the database. It contains a set of predefined SQL queries to fetch data from the database. It can contain database tables from single or multiple databases as well.

What is logical database model?

A logical data model is a model that is not specific to a database that describes things about which an organization wants to collect data, and the relationships among these things. A logical model can also contain domain model objects, or reference one or more domain or glossary models.