What is an example of a demonstrative adjective in a sentence?

What is an example of a demonstrative adjective in a sentence?

Examples of Demonstrative Adjectives Do those dogs live here? (“Those dogs” are far away from the speaker.) Yes, these dogs live here. (“These dogs” are close to the speaker.)

What are the 10 examples of demonstrative pronoun?

Examples of Demonstrative Pronoun

  • This is my mother’s sweet home.
  • That looks like fox.
  • These are nice flowers but smell bad.
  • Those are wild animals and very dangerous.
  • This is my school where I come daily to learn.
  • That is not a playground but kids play.
  • These are my favorite dishes.
  • Those are mine clothes.

What are demonstrative pronouns give examples 8 examples?

Pronouns that point to specific things: this, that, these, and those, as in “This is an apple,” “Those are boys,” or “Take these to the clerk.” The same words are used as demonstrative adjectives when they modify nouns or pronouns: “this apple,” “those boys.”

Can demonstrative pronouns be an adjective?

Demonstrative pronouns are used to replace nouns in a sentence. Some of the same words that can be used as demonstrative pronouns, including this, that, these, those, and such, can also be used as demonstrative adjectives.

How are demonstrative adjectives used?

Demonstrative adjectives are special adjectives or determiners used to identify or express the relative position of a noun in time or space. A demonstrative adjective comes before all other adjectives in the noun phrase. Use this/that with singular nouns and these/those with plural nouns.

Which sentence does not use a demonstrative adjective?

See below for answers to the part 2 items. a. “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” does not use a demonstrative adjective.

How do you use demonstrative in a sentence?

Demonstrative in a Sentence 🔉

  1. Because Susan was raised in a family that was far from demonstrative, she is not comfortable sharing her emotions.
  2. Everyone at the table was uncomfortable when the demonstrative couple would not stop kissing during Christmas dinner.

What are demonstrative pronouns give three examples in complete sentences?

Demonstrative Pronouns Examples This was my mother’s ring. That looks like the car I used to drive. These are nice shoes, but they look uncomfortable. Those look like riper than the apples on my tree.

What are the four examples of demonstrative pronouns?

The demonstrative pronouns are “this,” “that,” “these,” and “those.”

Can a demonstrative pronoun be the subject of a sentence?

A demonstrative pronoun can be the subject, direct object, indirect object, or object of the preposition in a sentence.

What is demonstrative example?

Examples of demonstrative in a Sentence Adjective In the phrase “this is my hat,” the word “this” is a demonstrative pronoun. In the phrase “give me that book,” the word “that” is a demonstrative adjective.

What are the 12 demonstrative adjectives?

Unlike English, Spanish has three sets of demonstrative adjectives, which vary by number and gender, so there are 12 in all:

  • singular masculine. este (this) ese (that) aquel (that)
  • plural masculine. estos (these) esos (those)
  • singular feminine. esta (this) esa (that)
  • plural feminine. estas (these) esas (those)

What is the list of the demonstrative adjectives?

That tree is very beautiful.

  • These are my headphones.
  • This is your room.
  • Those birds are so marvellous.
  • That is my Grandparents house.
  • This is your tea.
  • These things are not meant to be followed.
  • Those clips are pretty.
  • That is my favourite shirt.
  • That is your hotel.
  • What are some examples of demonstrative pronouns?

    Demonstrative pronouns are pronouns that represent something that has been previously mentioned or something that can be understood from the surrounds, or context. Examples of Demonstrative Pronouns: Remember that a pronoun replaces a noun, so the demonstrative pronouns are used to replace something very specific in context.

    What are the pronouns used as adjectives?

    In this sentence the word some is used both as an adjective and as a pronoun. Words used like some in the proposition some are foolish are called adjective pronouns. An adjective pronoun is an adjective used as a pronoun. The adjective pronouns are: 1. Each, either, and neither, which relate to objects taken singly.

    Which word is an example of a demonstrative adjective?

    Definition of Demonstrative Adjectives: A word that directly indicates a person/thing or few people and few things. The demonstrative words are that, those, this, and these. Examples of Demonstrative Adjectives in Sentences: Give me that blue water bottle . This time I won’t fail you. I want those gorgeous marbles. I wanted to propose you that day.