What is an artisan soap?

What is an artisan soap?

February 21, 2019. An artisan is a skilled craftsperson that creates products by hand. Their work is honed to a high degree of quality, distinctive in form, and often created in small batches. This means that soap created by an artisan has been crafted by skilled hands to be high in quality.

How do you make artisan soap?

Step by Step Soap Making Instructions

  1. Heat the Oils. Gently (slowly) heat oils in a stainless steel pot on the stove.
  2. Prepare Lye Ingredients.
  3. Thicken the Mixture.
  4. Add Essential Oils and Colorants.
  5. Pour into Mold.
  6. Unmold and Cut.
  7. Cure.

How long do artisan soaps last?

One 4-ounce bar of handmade soap typically lasts an adult user 25 to 30 showers once in use. Prior to use, handmade soap has an active shelf-life of one to two years depending on the amount and type of extra (unsaponified) oils contained in the bar.

Can you use artisan soap on your body?

Upgrading your self-cleansing routine to include artisan soap will help your skin feel better and smell better due to the fresh, natural ingredients. Treat your skin to the highest quality of cleaning power found in artisan soap when you shop the Luxurious Lathers collection of handcrafted soap today.

What are artisan soaps made of?

Plenty. SIMPLE CONCEPT: Artisan/handmade soaps are made using the basic chemical restructuring of oils (fatty acids) + liquids (water, milk, tea, etc) + an alkaline (sodium hydroxide, aka: food-grade lye, or potassium hydroxide).

What oil makes soap last longer?

In general, soap with about 60% hard oils would be considered a firm bar of soap. That looks something like 30% coconut oil, 30% palm oil, 30% olive oil and 10% “something extra.” If your soap contains large percentage of soft oils, allowing it to cure for longer can help it last longer in the shower.

Does handmade soap go bad?

Soap does expire, but if it still lathers when you wash your hands, it should be effective. Natural or handmade soaps may expire sooner, within one year, as the essential oils and fragrances can get rancid or moldy.

Are artisan soaps better?

The main reason why soap is better for you than commercial detergents is based on the ingredients. If you make a handmade bar of soap and then add chemicals to it, you’re no better off than the stuff you can buy at the grocery store.