What is a jitney bus?

What is a jitney bus?

jitney • \JIT-nee\ • noun. 1 : a small bus that carries passengers over a regular route on a flexible schedule 2 : an unlicensed taxicab.

Why is a bus called a jitney?

A jitney is a vehicle, usually a bus, that carries passengers for a very low fare. The term originated in the early 1900s to describe a private bus or car that ferried people between a city bus and a taxi. The name came from the slang term, jitney, meaning a nickel. Any length of ride on a jitney cost five cents.

Who owns the jitney?

Hampton Jitney buses are ubiquitous across the city, transporting hordes of folks to and from vacation homes all summer long. Now the owner of the company, Missy Lynch, is selling her waterfront Quogue estate for $5.79 million. The news was first reported by Curbed.

When was the jitney invented?

Jitneys initially emerged in the 1910s, when personal car ownership became more popular and individuals wanted to earn some extra money by charging for a ride.

What is a jitney bus in Miami?

A dollar van (also known as a jitney) is a privately owned type of bus service used to carry passengers in the United States. Passengers may board them at designated stops along their route or hail them as share taxis.

Are jitneys legal?

Most American cities out lawed the jitney in the nine teen‐thirties after bitter clashes between rival jitney associa tions and protests from com panies that operated taxis and transit lines, Jitneys are legal today in only a handful of cities, including San Francisco, Miami, Atlantic City and Day tona Beach, Fla.

Why are nickels jitneys?

Jitney (or gitney) was then a slang term for five cents (or perhaps for a nickel coin, it’s hard to tell). The earliest example researchers have so far found is in an exchange between a pair of tramps: “Can’t spare de change. The cars were called jitneys because the fare for any length of journey was five cents.

What is nickel slang for?

Nickel is a slang term for “five” of anything, especially a small bag of drugs costing five dollars or five-year prison sentence.

Who owns Jitney Jungle?

JACKSON, Miss. — A New York investment firm last week purchased a majority interest in Jitney Jungle Stores of America here for about $400 million. The firm, Bruckmann, Rosser, Sherrill & Co., purchased the interest from members of the founding McCarty and Holman families.

Does the jitney still run in Atlantic City?

The Jitney is Atlantic City’s long-running, primary form of public transportation. You can ride the Jitney from one end of Atlantic City to the other for a low fare.

Is the jitney in Atlantic City Free?

The A.C. Jitney Association and N.J. Transit provide a free shuttle service each way between the Atlantic City Rail Terminal and all casino locations in the city.