What is a fjord horse?

What is a fjord horse?

The Fjord Horse is a reflection of the needs, desires, and environmental conditions which have affected the lives of rural Norwegians residing on the mountainous west coast during the past 150 years. The Fjord’s body size, form, and movement has changed from decade-to-decade depending on its use.

What is a fjord horse evaluator?

As the Fjord evolves, highly trained Fjord Horse evaluators (judges) keep a keen eye on horse conformation, movement and temperament to assist owners and breeders in identifying both desirable and undesirable characteristics of the breed.

Are there any white markings on a fjord horse?

White markings on Fjord horses are rare, but have been noted as long as written records have been kept of the breed. A small star is acceptable, but any other white or pink markings are considered undesirable.

How old is the Norwegian fjord?

At Viking burial sites, archaeological excavations indicate that the Fjord has been selectively bred for at least 2,000 years. Having lived in a small, isolated region for so long, the Norwegian Fjord is a relatively unknown breed to most people in the world.