What is a bomb sweep?

What is a bomb sweep?

In this model, a multi-disciplinary team makes a rapid assessment of each threat that is received and a decision is made to evacuate the building while a bomb sweep is conducted or to conduct a search in place without evacuation of the facility.

How far do you have to be from a bomb?


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What is the minimum safe evacuation distance for a hand carried device suspect bomb )?

Move at least 15 metres away from the suspect package before using a mobile phone or hand-held radio. or even better do not use them at all unless it is necessary • Complete the device or item description form as at Appendix 2 • Follow any other guidance as set out in this policy.

Do not hang up phone after call has finished?

Once a call is finished DO NOT HANG UP – it may be possible to trace the call if the telephone line is kept open, regardless of whether the caller hangs up. Inform management and report threat to police immediately – use a separate telephone line or mobile phone.

What is the primary method used to issue a bomb threat in the US?

The majority of bomb threats are delivered by telephone. Generally, a bomb threat call is made for one of two reasons: The caller has definite knowledge about the explosive device and wants to minimize personal injury.

How many miles away from a nuclear bomb is safe?

Those closest to the bomb would face death, while anyone up to 5 miles away could suffer third-degree burns. People up to 53 miles away could experience temporary blindness. But a longer-term threat would come in the minutes and hours after that explosion.

How far does a pipe bomb go?

For a pipe bomb, the US Department of Homeland Security recommends a minimum of 21 m (69 ft), and preferred distance of 366 m (1,201 ft).

What explosive smells like almonds?

808, also known as Nobel 808 (often just called Explosive 808 in the British Armed Forces during the Second World War), developed by the British company Nobel Chemicals Ltd well before World War II. It had the appearance of green plasticine with a distinctive smell of almonds.

What to do if you receive a bomb threat?

BOMB THREAT CALL PROCEDURES WHO TO CONTACT (select one) • Follow your local guidelines • Federal Protective Service (FPS) Police 1-877-4-FPS-411 (1-877-437-7411) • 911 Most bomb threats are received by phone. Bomb threats are serious until proven otherwise. Act quickly, but remain calm and obtain information with the checklist on

What is the DHS bomb threat checklist?

Whether the bomb threat is made via phone, handwritten note, email, or other means, the DHS Bomb Threat Checklist provides instructions on how to respond to a bomb threat and a comprehensive list of information that will assist law enforcement in a bomb threat investigation.

Where can I find bomb threat guidance for schools?

School-specific bomb threat guidance can also be found at ThreatPlan.org and the Readiness and Emergency Management for Schools (REMS) Technical Assistant Center.

Did a massive bomb explode on a US aircraft carrier?

End of dialog window. A U.S. Navy video that was posted on Twitter Sunday shows the massive explosion of a 40,000-pound bomb detonated in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean on the USS Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier. The video has been viewed nearly 400,000 times on Twitter as of publication time.