What happened to the United States in Half-Life 2?

What happened to the United States in Half-Life 2?

The model shows the North American continent crossed out with large X mark, indicating that it suffered serious devastation during the war and was subsequently abandoned with the remaining human inhabitants relocated to eastern Europe.

Are the Combine in Half-Life 2 human?

The Combine Overwatch is the primary military force of the Combine on Earth. It consists of biomechanically enhanced humans, who wear heavily padded long-sleeve body armor and gas masks. The markings on the suit change depending on each individual unit’s assignment and rank.

Is Combine an empire?

The Combine, abbreviated as CMB, and referred to in propaganda as “Our Benefactors” and a “Universal Union” by Wallace Breen,is an immense inter-dimensional empire, comprised of a number of species either as allies or as slaves. The Combine’s ultimate goal is to enslave and control the Multiverse.

Are the Combine from Xen?

The Combine were in fact NOT on Xen at the beginning of Half-Life. This was recently stated by Doug Lombardi. The creatures on Xen were there because they had been running from the Combine, and Xen was a refuge. The dimensional rift caused by the resonance cascade attracted the Combine to Earth.

Is Black Mesa real?

The Black Mesa Research Facility, in New Mexico, is real. The aliens are real. Valve knew the secrets about the Black Mesa Incident, but were obviously sworn to silence.

What happened during the 7 hour war?

The Seven Hour War was a brief, but decisive confrontation between the Combine Empire and the governments of Earth, ultimately leading to a large human death toll and the Combine occupation of the entire planet.

Are Combine elites human?

The Overwatch Elite has had several predecessors during the development of Half-Life 2, such as the Combine Synth Elite Soldier and the Combine Super Soldier, both early elite Combine units were dropped in favor of a more humanoid model. It also inherited its helmet from the Combine Assassin.

What is under the Combine mask?

Beneath their grey and blue armor, Metrocops are just regular humans.

How did the Combine capture the G-Man?

Half-Life: Alyx Five years before the events of Half-Life 2, the G-Man is captured by the Combine with methods yet to be specified and held in a floating prison called the Vault, which is powered by Vortigaunt energy to keep him contained. After he is freed by Alyx Vance, he pulls her into his dimension.

Is Half-Life a true story?

Marie’s real life was so fascinating, and filled with so many highs and lows, that it was a challenge as well to stay true to and capture that while also trying to pace the story and make this work as a novel. But it was Marya’s storyline—the fictional story—that was my biggest challenge of all.