What happened to John Dehner?

What happened to John Dehner?

A spokesman for the BadgleyConnor Talent Agency said Thursday that the former disc jockey, Disney animator and amateur fencer, who once was voted “best radio voice” by Radio Life Magazine, was 76 and died in Santa Barbara of the complications of emphysema and diabetes.

Who played in the radio version of Gunsmoke?

Radio series (1952–1961)

Publicity photo from Gunsmoke’s radio version (photo from 1954)
Genre Western
Starring William Conrad Parley Baer Howard McNear Georgia Ellis
Announcer George Walsh
Created by Norman Macdonnell John Meston

How old is John Dehner?

76 years (1915–1992)John Dehner / Age at death

Why did Clu Gulager leave the Virginian?

The show was pulled after two seasons by Congress because they didn’t like the idea that kids were seeing the outlaw Billy the Kid as a hero. Clu’s next big break was playing Deputy Emmett Ryker on The Virginian from 1964-1968. Throughout the 70’s and 80’s he was in almost every show around, playing bit parts.

How was Chester written off Gunsmoke?

When Dennis Weaver landed the role of Chester Goode, it was apparent that he was leading man material. To create a more fitting character, Dennis Weaver began portraying Chester Goode with a limp and speaking in a Midwestern twang—a decision that would ultimately help steer his decision to leave the series.

Who played Chester on radio Gunsmoke?

Chester Goode
Appeared on: Gunsmoke (TV series) Gunsmoke (radio series)
Episode(s) appeared in: 290 in TV series
Played by: Parley Baer (on radio) Dennis Weaver (on TV series)

How many times did Matt Dillon get shot in the series Gunsmoke?

A: According to several Gunsmoke references online, Matt Dillon — the marshal that James Arness played — was shot more than 50 times during the series’ 20-year episodic run and its reunion movies.

Who played Colonel Harvey on Andy Griffith?

John Dehner
John Dehner: Colonel Harvey. Jump to: Photos (6)

What was James Arness last movie?

Gunsmoke: To the Last Man
Gunsmoke: To the Last Man is a 1992 American Western television film starring James Arness as retired Marshal Matt Dillon and featuring Pat Hingle….

Gunsmoke: To the Last Man
Based on Gunsmoke (TV series)
Written by Earl W. Wallace
Directed by Jerry Jameson
Starring James Arness Pat Hingle Amy Stoch

Who were the actors in Gunsmoke on the radio?

Above: Gunsmoke on the radio. From the left: Howard McNear as Doc, William Conrad as Matt, Georgia Ellis as Kitty and Parley Baer as Chester. Below: In civilian clothes. Did Dillon ever get shot on the radio?

How many times was Gunsmoke on the radio?

Macdonnell and Meston continued the radio version of Gunsmoke until 1961, making it one of the most enduring vintage radio dramas. Conrad directed two television episodes, in 1963 and 1971, while McNear appeared on six, playing characters other than Doc, including three times as storekeeper Howard Rudd.

What was the original name of Gunsmoke?

When aired in the UK, the television series was initially titled Gun Law, later reverting to Gunsmoke. The radio series ran from 1952 to 1961. John Dunning wrote that among radio drama enthusiasts, “Gunsmoke is routinely placed among the best shows of any kind and any time.”.

Who is the main character in Gunsmoke?

The central character is lawman Marshal Matt Dillon, played by William Conrad on radio and James Arness on television. When aired in the United Kingdom, the television series was initially titled Gun Law, later reverting to Gunsmoke. The radio series ran from 1952 to 1961.