What happened on Raigad?

What happened on Raigad?

At least 36 people have died in a landslide near a village in the coastal Raigad district of Maharashtra as heavy rainfall over the last two days has caused flooding in parts of the coastal region and hit road and rail traffic.

Is Raigad open?

The above information about Raigad Fort will help you chalk out an itinerary easily….Information About Raigad Fort.

Location Raigad district, Maharashtra
Timings 10 AM – 6 PM (Daily)
Entry Maha Darwaza
Entry Fee INR 10
Still and Video Cameras Allowed

Who is IAS Raigad?

Dr. Mahendra Kalyankar
Collector Office

Name Designation
Dr. Mahendra Kalyankar (IAS) District Collector and District Magistrate, Raigad
Additional District Collector, Raigad Additional District Collector, Raigad
Resident Deputy Collector, Raigad Resident Deputy Collector, Raigad
Deputy Collector (GAD), Raigad Deputy Collector (GAD), Raigad

What is Hirkani Buruj?

The act of bravery that this mother exhibited to get to her child forced the Maratha rule to acknowledge her strength. He not only praised her but also built a wall across the sheer cliff that she had climbed down and named it— ‘Hirkani Buruj’.

Why Raigad Fort is temporarily closed?

PUNE: The Raigad district collector passed an order on Friday directing the closure of Janjira fort for public visits from December 25 to January 2, 2021. The temporary closure order is in public interest as keeping the monument open was proving risky during the pandemic.”

Who is SDM of Raigad?

Mahendra Kalyankar (I.A.S.)

Who is Nidhi Choudhary?

Nidhi Choudhary is a 2012 batch IAS officer of the Maharashtra state cadre. She is a young inspirational personality and is popular because of passion and hard work. She is known for her work for honesty and ethics. Nidhi worked with RBI as an officer before appearing for the UPSC examination.

Why is Raigad famous?

About raigad Located in the state of Maharashtra, Raigad, named after the Raigad Fort which was the former capital of the Maratha leader Shivaji Maharaj, is famous for its various heritage sites. Located atop an irregular wedge shaped rock at an altitude of 2700 feet, the Raigad Fort is inaccessible from three sides.

What name did Shivaji give to the fort of Rairi?

Shivaji renovated and expanded the fort of Rairi and renamed it as Raigad (King’s Fort). It became the capital of Chatrapati Shivaji’s Maratha Empire.