What fish can live with butterfly fish?

What fish can live with butterfly fish?

Tankmates should be chosen with care. Though butterflyfish are not efficient fish predators, small fish that venture too close to their mouths will be eaten. Larger tetras and barbs are safe from predation. Small bottom-oriented cichlids, catfish, Ctenopoma species, and mormyrids are also excellent choices.

What do freshwater butterfly fish eat?

This means you need to feed them a lot of meaty live food. Crickets seem to be their favorite (many experienced owners swear by this) but you can also give them other insects and even feeder fish. What is this? The best feeding schedule for African Butterfly Fish is 2-4 times a day.

Can butterfly fish live with guppies?

As they like to swim towards the surface of the water and are a small delectable size, guppies will almost certainly be eaten by an African butterfly fish. Try to go with species that are native to the same areas where Pantodon buchholzi is naturally found and choose middle and lower water column swimmers.

Can butterfly fish live with angelfish?

Angelfish Tank mates Angelfish are a territorial species. They don’t necessarily do well with any other fish in the same tank, even if they are of the same species. One fish per tank is best. They make great tank mates with Blennies, Gobies, Anthias, Butterflyfish and similar species.

Are butterfly fish aggressive?

Freshwater butterflyfish are kept in large aquaria, although a single specimen should be kept as the only top-level fish, as they can be aggressive to their own kind and others at surface level.

Are queen angelfish aggressive?

The Queen Angelfish are aggressive. They are best house with squirrelfish, groupers, snappers, surgeonfish, triggerfish, and other similar temperament fish. Do not house them with passive fish like anthias, batfish, tilefish and butterflyfish, nor with slow moving or stationary fish like frogfishes and scorpionfishes.